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2020 Race, Defeat Trump and Make America SMART Again

By now we all know all too well the ways that Donald Trump has damaged this country and his horrible policies and personality traits that make him unfit for office throughout the previous thirteen chapters, we can begin to look ahead and see what the future of this country will look like and just how we can make Donald Trump a one-term president.

When I began writing my book on Trump it was the year 2019 and now it is now the year 2020 and when it is released we will be just a few short months away from when we vote, so it is important to look at the next presidential election and just how we can dig deep as a nation and defeat this man at the polls come November 2020, because if we do not do that then we will be forced to endure four more years of him and that is something that this country cannot handle and for sure will not survive.

The Democratic field to be our next president started out big with over twenty people running for the White House but has since slimmed down to a somewhat manageable number of candidates, all of whom would make a much better prez than the current one and it is not even close. Still, we must make one choice, a person who we as Americans feel can defeat Trump at the polls, but also in a debate as we know that he likes to come out swinging at the other side.

Who is that person is debatable depending on who you talk to as everyone has their own choice and their own belief of who can beat Trump come November 2020, but in reality we know that certain candidates have a better chance to beat Trump in the general election that others, and when it comes down to it, we know that there are even some candidates who have zero chance to beat him. As much as I despise the man, even I must admit that when it comes to elections, he is a strong candidate and has built quite the following.

I had hoped that Kamala Harris would have fought him for the presidency as I truly like her vision for the country, but she did not make it and was one of the many who dropped out before the primary that as of this writing, has not taken place yet, but she was one of the ones I really liked and one that Trump would get owned in a debate by and he knows it. Kamala is not the only one that would match up against Trump strongly in a debate, there are quite a few actually, you have Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Mayor Pete, and of course Joe Biden who all would own Trump on several topics in a debate.

When it comes down to it, there can only be one candidate to take on Trump in November and only one who we should get behind as a nation. That will likely be one of likely four or five candidates when it comes down to it who have a chance at being the nominee, but of course we know that the only one who could truly beat him is Joe Biden.

I know, Biden is too centrist for a lot of progressives, but I feel he is the only one who could beat Trump and that must be the ultimate goal. Yes, Pete, Bernie, and the others all have good things that they bring to the table, but Joe brings White House experience and a zest that could put him over the top and that is what we need come time for the general election.

Joe Biden is the front-runner currently in the 2020 race and in the end may end up being the nominee and may not be. The race to be the one who goes up against Trump is one of the most important ones of our time. Joe is the one that I believe who will take on the Donald and like most of this book, I write it in real time so we will see if I am correct.

Joe is the strongest candidate in my view in this race and the one who has the real- life experience in politics and especially in presidential politics to defeat Donald Trump in the general election. The others have a good message, but Joe is the one who served under Obama, one of the most successful presidencies in the history of our nation and for that reason, he can defeat Trump and bring this country back to the good times that we remember.

The race has had some heated debates already and I am sure it will heat up even more as time goes on. Here we are in mid-January and while Trump continues to behave badly and embarrass this country, the Democrats are looking better and better as the days go on, but it is Joe who has the best chance to beat him and that should be the ultimate goal.

Trump supporters like to say that Biden has not accomplished anything in all his decades in politics and that is not true. He has accomplished a lot more than Trump has, that is for sure. Joe has been a fighter for civil rights and the workers of this country since he was just a young man while Trump has always fought for the rich and people just like him, that is the difference between the two of them, one of many differences.

Joe has integrity while Trump has none. In fact., all of these Democrats with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard have integrity and would make a much better leader than Trump has been, but I would say that Joe is the best one for the job and the one who can fix the problems that Trump has created in his time in office, it is Joe Biden who can restore decency to America.

I am sure that you can see that I am biased in this race. I am definitely a “Anyone but Trump” guy, but I lean heavily on the side of Biden 2020 and that is because I truly appreciate and value his service as vice president and the great work he did with Obama for all those years, as well as the many great things he did for the American people throughout his political career.

Of course, while the Democrats are holding debates to see who will be best suited to take on Trump, he is holding his rallies attacking everyone under the sun while lying to his less than informed supporters. This is nothing new though as he has held these campaign rallies consistently since taking office, they have never stopped, and they never will because he must keep fear instilled in his base and repeat the same old propaganda that got him elected.

The 2020 race will be the most important of our time. It is as Joe says, an election that is about fighting for the soul of America and that is the absolute truth. We as a nation lost our soul when he took office and if we get four more years of him then our soul and our country will be completely lost, and this race is likely the first in our history that truly is about saving our nation and our values.

Elections have consequences they say and the consequences from the 2016 election have been extreme. The great policies put into place by Barack Obama that gave us healthcare, gun control, equality, and overall greatness have been overturned by Trump and hate and division has been allowed to run free once again, if he gets a second term then all hope will be lost and the future for this nation and our kids will be bleak at best.

So, as you can see, this is a very important election.

Trump wants to make the race about him and play the victim when in reality, the race is about you and about the health and prosperity of our country and what kind of future that we want to create for our children and their children. The climate is at stake, preventing a world war is at stake, good jobs for everyone is at stake, ending gun violence is at stake, saving Medicare and Social Security is at stake and so much more. The future of America is at stake and if we get another term of Donald Trump then all hope will be lost and the future of this nation will look very dark and hope will be minimal at best, but if we choose the other side, then our future will be full of promise and hope.

The 2020 race is important in so many ways, especially with the state of our nation and the damage that Trump has done while he has been in office. We must take a good, long look at how far we have fallen since 2016 when he first took office and ask ourselves if that is who we want to be as a country and if we want this for our children and their future and if the answer is no, then we know exactly what we must do going forward.

Going forward we have some hard choices to make both individually and also hard choices to make collectively as a society and the result of these choices will most certainly determine the future of this nation and where we will find ourselves in the coming years. Trump has a very different vision for the direction of our country than the vision Democrats have for America, and his path to getting the things he wants is also very different, and in a dark way.

Trump believes that the hearts and minds of the American voter is won through fear and by instilling hate in them, while Dems believe that it is through hope and unity that a country becomes great and that a country finds its soul from compassion and service, rather than through what Trump does, hate and division. The path Trump has to connecting with the voters is one of darkness and fear and that is not the country we all know and love and that is not what will keep us moving forward in 2020 and beyond.

Candidates like Joe Biden know this. This is why Joe is the right one for the job as the next President of the United States and why we must vote Joe in 2020. That being said, I am okay with people voting for anyone but Trump and the reason for that is that four more years of Donald Trump would cripple this country in so many ways and set us back decades.

Joe is a great candidate who can beat Trump in the general election, but he is not the only one, the best chance we have, but not the only one, there are others who can challenge him, but we shall see what transpires as we move along. The 2020 race is one of the moments in our history where we must look deep into ourselves and be sure to ask ourselves what is it that we want for our country and for our families and then make a decision, hopefully the right one.

The failure to vote for the candidate that will oppose Trump in the 2020 general election will result in so much damage going forward that I do not believe our nation can recover from it, or at least I do not think we can recover from a Trump second term for decades to come as the ripple effect will be profound and the future of this country will be bleak for quite some time.

The next election is likely the most important of our time. It is an election that will impact this country in several ways over the next 5, 10, and even 20 years and the choice we make in November 2020 will have a global, economical, and moral consequence on our country and where we will go in the future, so , we must choose wisely and the wisest choice is to reject Donald Trump and choose someone who has a moral and humanitarian vision for our country.

Donald Trump has been a political, ethical, and moral disaster for the United States of America. If we do not vote him out in 2020 then things will not look good for the future of this country and who knows what will happen down the road to things like Social Security, Medicare, and help for the homeless and poor and who knows what will happen to other things like equality, women’s rights and so on.

This election is the most important of our lifetime and it is an election and race that has become much more heated than ones in the past, even the last election, which was one of the most intense elections that our country has ever had, this one will be even more so as this president knows that he is finished so he will go down swinging.

The next four years are so important for our country, a vital moment in history and in the debates between potential Democratic nominees we as a country see one thing for sure and that is that any of these candidates would make a much better president than Trump has been, that much cannot be denied by anyone.

The 2020 race is a race that as Joe Biden says, is about the “Soul of America” and if our country chooses Trump then this country will completely lose its soul and our democracy will be radically transformed into something quite frankly unrecognizable and we will never be the same again or at least for decades to come.

The fact of the matter is that Trump has already caused enough damage and this race is about putting someone up who can defeat him and undo some of that damage and at the very least, make sure that he is not allowed to remain in office to cause even more damage going forward, this race is about taking back our country from a man who has fundamentally altered what was once one of the greatest nations in history.

Come November we must make the choice that we will not let hate, fear, division, criminality, and indecency to rule any longer and we must stand up and say that “No, Donald Trump is not who we are” and if we are able to dig deep and get rid of this so-called president then we will once again have hope and once again do as Trump promised but failed and that is to make America great again and smart again.



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