2020 : The Election that will Make or Break America

The 2020 Presidential Election that will decide the next four years of the United States of America is now just 141 days away and now, more than ever before, the stakes for our country and the future of our children is greater than they have ever been.

The last nearly four years have been full of a lot of things with Donald Trump as president and none of it has been good.

There are a lot of opinions from both sides of who is best for our country and who will be the best to move us forward, but if you look around at the state of our homeland that we call America, then you can come to one conclusion and that is that our nation is in grave danger and that things are worse than they have ever been in our lifetimes.

Biden or Trump?

Who we choose will determine the direction that we go in for the next four years and based on the past four years, we can see that choosing the latter would cause more damage and more division within our nation and that is simply something that we cannot afford. I know that even the diehard fans of Donald Trump can see that he has not been good for America.

Will they admit this? No, they never will.

Trump supporters will defend Trump to no end. They will never admit when he lies or when he says off the wall things like how he told people to inject household products to cure COVID-19 or when he has said the any number of insane things that he has said over his time in office.

They will never admit when he has done something bad or when he ran a con on them and on America so of course they would not say that he is bad for this country — but he is. They know he is and they will not admit it, but they and we, and all of America knows that this man is bad for our country and will be bad for our future.

The way that he butchered the response to the pandemic and how he has handled the protests and racial unrest in our country are just two examples of the many dozens of examples of how this president has mishandled crisis after crisis and problem after problem throughout his time in office over his time as president.

The lies. The insults. The corruption.

This has been what we the American people have had to deal with over the last few years and we are fed up.

We need real leadership in the White House if we are to get this country going again and I hate to break it to you, that person is not the current occupant of the Oval Office, it for sure is not. The real leader that we need is none other than Joe Biden — Joe is the one who will lead us out of this mess and get us on the right track again.

This brings me to the topic of this article — this election will either make or break this nation and the one to make this nation is Joe Biden and the way to break our country is to vote for Donald Trump. These are our truths as we get closer to election day and our decision of who will be the President of the United States for the next four years.

Joe Biden said it best, “Four more years of Donald Trump will fundamentally alter the United States of America”.

He was right, we cannot afford another term of Donald Trump. His presidency has not been good for this country in any way, shape, or form and has been a presidency that unlike any other has been one of incompetence, dishonesty, and fear mongering and has not been good for our country or for the people of the United States.

Joe Biden would put us back on track. If we vote for Joe then we can once again restore hope and decency to this nation, we can be a nation of folks who do the right thing instead of a country where we do what we want to do and what feels right for ourselves.

The supporters of Trump do not do the right thing because they follow his lead and he for sure never does the right thing. He does what is right for himself and his supporters follow this lead and live their lives the same exact way. This is the way that Trump’s America has been run, it has been run by a guy who does what is best for himself, rather than what is best for everyone in the country.

Joe Biden would run America differently. He would run it with the American people being the priority, not himself.

What Would Break America?

Trump would break America, he already has.

Four more years of him would change this country fundamentally in more ways than you can imagine and none of them are good or will be positive for the American people.

The Pandemic

We have seen how the last nearly four years have been bad for the United States of America and our people. Just look at the COVID-19 pandemic and the response from this president that has led to the deaths of 100,000+ of our citizens and caused millions to get infected and millions more to lose their jobs.

We have seen how he failed to act and because of that the pandemic has hit this country hard. He did not want to listen to the experts back in the early months of the year and because of that we have the most deaths and the most cases in the world.

His response to the virus was weak and inadequate and he continues to ignore the threat that the virus is.

Of course, his supporters all repeat the “He banned travel from China and Democrats called him a racist” talking point, but in reality, he banned the travel late (After the virus had already left China) and allowed 40,000 Americans to come back into the country without placing them on quarantine to contain the virus.

It is obvious that he was not prepared and he failed with this pandemic response.

If he is allowed to remain in office for another term then this will get worse and many more will die from this virus. He will continue to not take the threat of the virus seriously and put lives in danger if he stays on as President of the United States for four more years.

Racial Injustice

The racial situation is this country is bad and will get worse if Trump is given another term as president.

He has pushed a racist agenda for years and has made racist comment after racist comment while racial hate crimes and racial injustice in our criminal justice system continues to be the worst in the history of our country on his watch.

The murder of George Floyd was the tipping point and Trump once again had a flawed response to the crisis.

Race riots and protests in our streets demanding change and Trump is making the situation worse by inciting violence and further racism by his tweets and inappropriate comments like he has always done in situations like these, he never shows compassion for the suffering.

Racism has flourished under Trump and mostly because he props up white nationalists and calls them “Very fine people” while calling black people who protests this racial injustice “Thugs”. This says it all about this guy and who he is and what he supports. Shall we allow him to remain in office for another term then we will see this nation break and race relations fall apart more than they are now.

We need a leader who will bring the races together and unite this country and that person is not Donald Trump. Let us come together and get him out of the White House before he breaks our country apart into a race war bigger than anything we could have ever imagined.

This is just another time of crisis and moment that Trump had the chance to become a leader and failed to do so.


We all know this one. Trump has not been presidential for even a moment over his time as President of the United States. He has been the complete opposite of how a president should act, he has not acted with compassion or decency or professionalism over his time in office and in the end, that has broken our country.

When we talk about making or breaking America, this is the one thing that will certainly do that.

Calling the press “fake” and “nasty” is not presidential and neither are the other things that he has said and done, like making fun of the disabled or being inappropriate with women and being racist towards Muslims and immigrants and the so many others that he has insulted using racial and other type of slurs.

He has not acted presidential for one day.


This is perhaps the worst thing that he has done out of all the things that break our nation and will break us in the future.

We need an honest president who will tell us the truth and who will be honest and forthcoming with the American people and yet again, Trump is not that person and his history of lies and creating fake stories prove that and show us what our future will look like if he remains in office and if he stays the President of the United States.

Trump has told over 18,000 lies since taking office in January of 2017 and continues to lie on a daily basis.

He lies and then his supporters repeat those lies. This is bad for this country and this is why we need to get him out of office and get someone in there who will be honest with us and be a truth teller like other presidents have been before him.

What Would Make America?

It is pretty simple — Voting for the opposite of Donald Trump would make our country great again.

That opposite person is Joe Biden.

Joe is someone who will make America and end the chaos that has been caused by Trump. Joe believes in humanity and the rule of law and for those reasons alone, he would be the best one to lead us forward through the crisis of the pandemic and the racial division that we currently have and the many other messes Trump has presided over.

Joe would restore the soul to America again and be a real leader.

When Biden was VP he showed just what leadership looks like as he did many things like fight for issues like violence against women, gun violence reform, education, stronger alliances with our adversaries abroad, economic issues, and so much more and he did the same as Senator.

Joe Biden has a history of fighting for the people. He rode the trains with the people on his commute to D.C. from his home in the Wilmington suburbs and he worked for those same people in the halls of Washington and will continue to do so as President of the United States.

Joe is the one who will make America shall he win the 2020 election but we need more than him to undo the damage of the last four years as it is more than Donald Trump who we must defeat come November and trust me, he is the most dangerous president that we have ever had, but we need to gain in the House and take back the Senate as well — know that.

We can only do what we need to do and undo the damage that Trump has done if we get the entire government (All three branches) and make the changes that will make our country the best that it can be for all the people who live here in the United States. It must be done completely for it to be a success and to make this country, to make us a country that values people of all races, all economic levels, and more once again.

Joe Biden and the other Democrats can and will take back our country come this fall and MAKE our nation what it should be again.

Make America — America Again!

This is what we must do.

America stopped being America when Donald Trump became president and I say that for a couple of reasons.

America lost its soul.

America lost its identity

Trump took those things away from our country. We have always been known as a welcoming nation, a nation of immigrants, and a hopeful nation and all of that went away when Trump came into the picture and became the president of our nation.

We lost that helpful and compassionate way that we have and bigotry and hate became the way our government governed once Trump came along with his wall and his bans of people who think and look differently than we do and his overall divisiveness.

Obama gave us Hope and Change and Trump gave us the slogan Make America Hate Again.

We lost our way and our nation was broken, but

hopefully if and when Joe Biden becomes the president then we can make our nation again into that hopeful and compassionate place that we are known as and we can get with the process of fixing all the damage that Trump did and rebuild our broken country.



Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!

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Rob Clewley

Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!