Believe in You, Even When the World Doesn't

Rob Clewley
9 min readJul 16, 2020


The world often tells us that we are not this or are not that and that we are less than and not worthy, but the reality is that they do not define your value or tell you what you are worth — YOU define what you are worth and YOU are the one who determines your value.

World famous motivational speaker Eric Thomas said it best when he said the following, “You are responsible for your dreams”.

Believe in you because when it comes down to it, nobody else is going to do it for you, it is you that must show up and take action. It is the you that you are that will ultimately decide your fate, so you must believe in yourself and be confident in your abilities.

I write a lot of political articles as politics is one of my passions, but every now and then I find it necessary to write recovery and inspirational pieces and this is because I love to motivate people and I love to help those who suffer from some of the things that held me back in the past, which are addictions and low self-esteem.

These days, low self-esteem is not part of my life and this is because I found my worth and believe in who I am and I want you to do the same. I want you to believe in who you are and know that you were created for a greater purpose and for great things, you were created for a purpose that nobody else was created for, your own journey and your own greatness.

You Are Valuable

No matter what anyone says, you are valuable and worthy of love and acceptance both from others and from yourself.

I know that this message may be uncomfortable for many to hear who are not used to hearing it but it is the truth. You are valuable and you are worthy of everything great in this world and no matter what anyone tells you, you can do great things and be someone great, because you already are.

I know for me that is hard to hear and grasp.

I beat myself up for so long and was not kind and loving to myself, and the world reinforced those negative messages that I told myself and the false message about who I was that I received as a child and throughout the many years since.

Just remember, you are valuable and worthy of all things that are good and worthy.

You Can Do All Things, Even When the World Tells You Otherwise

The world wants us to give up on our dreams and becoming who we desire to be, they want us to be drug through the mud of their distain for us and to let go of our plans for the future, they want us to never attain who we were meant to be.

When you are a kid growing up, your parents and other encouraging people tell you everything that you can be if you are willing to try and then we get out in the cold and mean world and we are no longer encouraged or supported and we are laughed at and demeaned instead and then suddenly our hope of doing all things vanishes.

However, there is that inner voice that never goes away no matter who tries to tear us down.

This is the voice of God, the voice that lifts us up and tells us what we can do and what we can become if we can face the pain and push on through. I truly believe that we can find that voice inside of ourselves again, no matter how far down the scale we fall, we can come back up and recapture that spirit of hope and courage once again and be on our way to great things.

It is Time to Believe in a Greater You

The world is the world and they will always have their opinions of who we are and what we should be and what we should not be, but you define yourself and what you desire to become. The people outside of yourself do not do that and will never be the bar that you should aim for, you should always believe in yourself and be the best version of you that you can, despite what others in the world think.

Believe in you, even when the world does not is my motto.

In fact, I go even further and say that you should believe in the best you that you can be especially when the world doesn't. I know that this can be difficult to grasp but it is when society does not believe in us and who we are seeking to become that we should believe in ourselves the most.

I believe in building people up, but society in this nation does not always share that same train of thought.

I believe in being your best self and doing your part to help others do the same in this challenging and difficult world that we live in and I believe that we should use that best self that we have created to do good out in the world and help others to become the best that they can be as well.

The goal is to wake up every single day and look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are awesome and capable and can do great things. This is how you begin to defeat those old messages that people and the world send out that you are not good enough and that you are a failure.

You defeat those type of messages but saying out loud that you are awesome and that you are more than enough just as you are.

You Just Gotta Believe

Marky Mark said it best in his song by this same title. You just gotta believe!

You really do.

You have to believe in who you are and what you can achieve in this life and it is by having a simple belief in who you are and what you can achieve that you overcome the negative messages that you are sent and rise above all of that nonsense and get into a great place in your mind, in your spirit, and in your being.

Believing can be hard when you are comfortable being in self loathing and feeling bad about yourself. It really can be difficult to change those messages and to be positive about yourself and your future but as they say, every single journey starts with one step and in the journey of being the best you that you can be, that step is as simple as the belief.

Even if you do not believe that you are awesome, just say it, and the more that you say something, the more power you give it and it will become part of your daily routine and eventually it will become so common in your thought process that you begin to really believe it down in your core being and know it deep down.

Know Who You Are and What You Can Be

Knowing who you are is a challenge at times and knowing what you want to become and who you will be going forward can be even more challenging, even without challenges like a pandemic, racial issues, and the personal issues that many of us face.

The process is the journey.

I have begun the process of getting to know who I am through self discovery over time and by doing so, I am more able to know who I will become in the future. I believe deep down that the process is the journey and the journey comes from processing who we are and where we have been throughout our lives.

We do not know who we are until we know and we do not know what we want until we know.

It sounds simple, but it is far from that. I once heard a philosopher say that we do not know until we know and we cannot see until we can see and I can for sure relate to this line of thinking. I can understand this type of thinking and school of thought because I did not who I was at all until recently and that is because I could not see past the pain.

Pain is a Touchstone to Growth

Pain is the touchstone to growth is something that I have heard many times over the years and in my experience, it is for sure the truth and something that I have seen in action.

I have grown the most by the pains that I have experienced over the years and throughout my life. In fact, the times that I have grown the most are the times when I have been in the most emotional and mental anguish, although at the time I could not see it. Again, we cannot see until we can see and we do not know until we know.

We grow through pain, this is my truth today.

We grow by going through things and by the painful experiences that happen to us in life. In my experience we do not grow when things are great and when we are doing great, we grow by going through challenges and one of those challenges is the struggle to believe in ourselves, especially when others do not believe in who we are.

It can be painful not to be your authentic self and to conform to what the world would have you be and it can be equally painful to not allow yourself to find yourself despite people not accepting you and this is true with a person’s sexuality, their career choice, or any other way of being oneself and how the world reacts to us.

When you feel pain, we grow. That is the bottom line.

Just Be You

Just be yourself, no matter what others think of you.

That is the main message here. You should always be who your creator made you to be and when the world tells you that you are not good enough, just know that you are good enough and more than that, you are unique and special and deserve the very best that life has to offer.

I know that it can be difficult to be positive in tough times and even more difficult to love yourself when people out there tell you that you are not worthy of such love, but it is possible.

It is more than possible to be your best and most unique self and despite what those in society may tell you, you can be and do anything that you want to do and the key to doing that is to find your inner voice and own that voice to the point that it drowns out the negative voices in your head as well as the wrong messages that the world sends us.

Be YOU, be the REAL self that you always wanted to be!

This is what matters most — believing in who you were made to be, even when the world says that you do not matter, trust that you do and that you can do great things and be the best version on yourself!



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