COVID-19 : An Epic Failure on Every Level

Rob Clewley
8 min readMay 23, 2020

America, we have a an economic crisis because we have a PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS and we have a public health crisis because Donald Trump failed to act and listen to those who knew more than him. This is the fact of where we are in this mess and the worst pandemic to hit our country and the world since the Spanish Flu.

I have written quite a few articles about the Coronavirus and specifically on the failed response by the Trump administration and the reason that I must continue to write about this issue is because the pandemic is not going away and people need to stay informed, but also it must be known that Trump has failed us and it continues day by day.

He had a chance to get it right and he didn't!

As we stand now, nearly 95,000 Americans have lost their lives because he failed to act.


How does this “Make America Great” or the new one, “Keep America Great.”?

With the passing of each day, this epic failure by Trump continues to become worse and he continues to embarrass America by his words and actions and botched response. I mean, how much worse can it get we are asking ourselves and the answer is clear, much worse. It gets worse because outlets like Fox News and his base enable his unpresidential behavior and let him get away with his nonsense.

We are in the worst pandemic in decades and we have the dumbest president we have ever had. Let that sink in.

Also, let it sink in that he does not care. It took him until almost 100,000 dead to lower flags to half mast. This says it all. It says that this is all a political game to him and he is willing to trade the lives of our citizens for his precious economy, as evidence by him wanting to reopen everything like he is pushing for now. It is all about votes for him, it is all about winning, it is not about what it should be about and that is America.

It never has been. It is always about him. This is what matters to him, winning and more winning, for him. I wonder what is next in this mess and just how much worse things can get and how many more lives have to be lost before it all ends. This is a question that we all are asking ourselves as this situation continues to evolve and this president continues to make the whole thing worse by his insistence on making it all about him and his political and personal agendas.

In previous articles, I wrote about the ways in which Trump has failed us and our country with his lack of a response to this crisis, but for those who have not read those previous articles and still are unaware of just what is going on with the lack of a response from this administration, we shall review just what has happened, or not happened.

  • He ignored the threat that was in the playbook of the previous administration and his own advisors warned him of for weeks and weeks.
  • He dismantled the Pandemic Response Team set up by President Obama
  • He failed to replenish the national stockpile of PPE (He had three years to do so)
  • He has lied about the virus and who is to blame
  • He promotes wacko cures and treatments that are dangerous and don’t work.
  • He promotes opening up the country with no regard for public health and others.
  • He blames everyone else and takes no responsibility for his own actions.
  • He divides as the virus rages through our country. He attacks everyone under the sun who ask simple questions.
  • He failed to act when we had a dozen cases by not enacting guidelines of social distancing, lockdowns, and other health orders and because of that the virus has spread and continues to spread.

This is what he has done and not done to combat this virus. This is how he has dealt with the worst pandemic and public health crisis of our lifetime and it should be called out and called out repeatedly. It is incredible that he and those who support him do not see just how he has failed our nation and how he continues to fail and do so epically.

The virus was not created by Trump, but his response caused it to spread throughout the country and to infect more than a million and a half of our citizens and that must be said, even if his supporters will not admit it or cannot admit it.

The virus could have been contained and lives could have been saved if Trump had done the right thing and took it seriously from the very start but he did not take it seriously and because of that lives were lost and lives continue to be lost because it got out of control in the beginning. You see, the way that you contain viruses is to contain them when they first are discovered, not months later when they are rapidly spreading.

Trump obviously does not know that is how it works, he is clueless.

Now, we find ourselves in a very challenging situation because it is because of his slow response that the virus spread like this and it is because of his divisive and unpresidential rhetoric that we cannot unite as a nation and overcome this crisis. If Trump had acted right away then lives would have been spared and we would have overcome what we now endure and on the flip side, if he would act like a grown up these days and give real information to the public about the virus, then we could deal with what is happening.

He failed us on every level and history will for sure remember how he chose to ignore this threat and how he continues to deny the severity of this virus and all that it involves. This is a situation like we have never seen and one where society will remember just who Trump is and who he has revealed himself to be when it counted the cost. It is this time when he should have stepped up and put aside his political ideals and his ego in the best interest of saving lives and the country as a whole.

The ways that he acts and the things he does prove that he is unfit to lead during a crisis like this. He is now ordering governors to reopen even before these states have reached that stage in the reopening process and he is telling places to reopen everything, even as the virus continues to ravage the many communities throughout this country and take lives with no end seemingly in sight.

Trump dropped the ball. Trump had an opportunity to right all of the wrongs of his presidency and there have been many to right, he had this chance to make everything right and do the right thing but instead chose to ignore the science and the threats that his administration failed to heed time and time again. It was his chance to fight for the American people and he chose to do the opposite and as always, fight for himself.

You see, the needs of others do not matter to Trump and he has proven that throughout his time in office and he most certainly is proving this now with this virus. He chose politics over public health and he is choosing his own interests over the needs and wants of the American people and that is not anything new for this man, he has always put himself above others and he always will.

This is how he could have done things differently.

  • Close the country and enact a federal lockdown
  • Enact social distancing guidelines
  • Pass a law requiring masks for everyone
  • Allow the experts to speak on the subject of the virus
  • Stop lying and pushing propaganda about the pandemic
  • Keep the pandemic response team intact
  • Refill the federal stockpile of PPE
  • Develop an accurate and efficient testing system and do contact tracing

He should taken taken these actions in late January and early February instead of waiting until March before taking it seriously. He should have called it what it was from the start instead of a hoax and a harmless flu and attacking reporters.

If he had taken these steps at the start then lives would have been saved and perhaps we would be out of this mess by now and things would be back to normal, but instead he was the same Trump he has always been. He has not taken any responsibility for his own inaction, he has blamed everyone else for his own failures, he has made a bad situation worse and has divided the nation in the process, when this was a time the nation needed him to not be that same Trump, but a leader.

Sadly, a leader he will never be.

This is Trump and at a time when we need a real leader, we got the exact opposite.

Trump failed us on every level. His inaction has cost nearly 100,000 lives and as much as he and his supporters want to blame China, this is on him and it is because of him that he are in this situation. It is on him that we have a public health crisis as well as an economic crisis.

He praised China at the very start. He praised them and told the American people that “everything is going to work out”, he tried to downplay the threat because he saw that the stock market was crashing and he feared for his precious economy so he downplayed it. The market did not rebound and then once it did and the deaths were even higher, he then blamed China and the Democrats and everyone else.

He is to blame for our side of the pandemic as if not for his inaction and weak response to this, we would be in much better shape and the death toll would be in the hundreds, not nearly 100,000 people and approaching nearly two million infections and tens of millions jobless.

Trump owns this crisis, he should own up to it and accept responsibility for failing the American people.



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