Donald Trump — Failure , Fraud, and Disaster

This pandemic has been a major crisis and tragic series of events for our country being that we lead the world in deaths and infections and it has shown more than ever that Donald Trump is a miserable failure and disgrace as President of the United States.

We knew it before, but now we really know it.

We knew that he would be a failure as president the moment he took he ran for president and we knew that we were in for a long period of destruction and pain for our country, but we did not ever think that it could or would get to the level that it is at now.

Yes, I talk about Trump a lot and I talk about his weak pandemic response an awful lot of late, but that is because he dropped the ball in regards to this whole crisis and being that this crisis is personal for me as someone who has this horrible virus, I must speak out.

Yes, that is right. I am positive for COVID-19, so this is personal for me and hits home.

Trump has failed since he took office. The lies he tells to try and cover up other lies that he has told do not make America great or make him look as good as he tries to pretend to be, but instead they make our country look like a joke who elected such a man to lead us, and now more than ever, we look like a failure in the world with our current situation.

Let’s look at his presidency to date, pre-pandemic to start to see how successful he has been, like he and his supporters claim.

He lied and said that Mexico would pay for the wall, he lied and said that he would release his taxes, he lied and said that he would drain the swamp(he instead filled it with criminals and conmen), he has lied about everything since the day he took office, while also enacting inhumane policy after inhumane policy that hurts people and brings them down, instead of helping them and raising them up.

People did not vote for Trump because he was some charismatic, intelligent, and great leader with original and unique ideas for the country, they voted for him because he hated the same people that they did and that is the truth of it Trump supporters.

You people do not like the same folks that Trump doesn’t like and that is why you love him so much.

His policies that harm all these people that he and his supporters despise are proof of the disaster that he has been. He has been a disaster and a complete disgrace in so many ways for this country, and the worst part is that there are still so many people who support him, truly sad.

He lied and scammed his way into the presidency and has continued that trend as president. He is against science and climate change when the experts predict that will be disastrous for our planet, he is against human rights yet claims to be for everyone, his economic policies favor corporate America and the rich over the average American, and his morals are that of a liar, a cheat, and a thief as that is what he is.

If that was not bad enough, now we have seen how his lack of a response on this pandemic shows his inability to lead this country and act like a president who cares for the people over his own needs and how his competency is that of an unqualified person for the job as that is what he is, and he has proven that during this crisis.

A real leader does not attack people during briefings during a crisis like the one we are in now.

A real leader shows empathy for the sick and cries with them like Obama did during Hurricane Sandy and comforts a nation and mourns with them rather than caring more about his own image and poll numbers, and a real leader for sure does not ignore the threat and call a virus that is killing so many “a hoax” and “harmless” when the medical evidence says the opposite.

Trump is FAR from a real leader, or a leader at all.

Trump has failed in so many ways. His presidency was a failure before this crisis, and it is more than obvious that it is even more so now, and he will be remembered for these deaths that he owns, for his un presidential and weak response, and for his insensitivity to the sufferings of the sick, the dead, and the broken.

He did not cause the virus as far as the medical virus spreading. China let it get out and they do have some responsibility for that, but as far as the virus spreading throughout OUR country, that is on him, and these deaths are on him as well as he ignored the threat, minimized the virus, and blamed everyone else for his failures and the warnings that were presented to him time and time again that he dismissed.

Thousands dead and over a million infected and growing.

Trump supporters — You can thank your president for this . His weak and inadequate response to this crisis and virus caused it to spread like this throughout the country.

No, it’s not like the flu. Another one of Trump’s lies. He called it a harmless flu for ten weeks and did NOTHING. Did not take it seriously and used his briefings to attack reporters and blame everyone for HIS failure on this.

His supporters continue to repeat everything he says and they also do not take this seriously . That’s what happens when a cult follows their cult leader. If he had acted in January lives would have been saved and we would have had deaths in single digits , not 60K+ like it is today.

No, his China travel ban did NOT make a difference because it was also late as he ignored intelligence in November that it was a possibility. By the time he banned travel from China the virus was already in Europe and then here.

He did not take it seriously. He did not do what he should have done and lock down the entire country after the first case … for those of you unfamiliar with outbreaks , THAT is how you contain an outbreak and save lives.

Trump failed our nation. Wake UP people and stop defending him. He is unit for office .

Officials warned Trump about the threat of the novel coronavirus in at least a dozen classified briefings in January and February, yet he continued to ignore the threat, even when he was told about it in his daily briefing and in words from officials.

From his inhumane immigration policies to his anti-LGBTQ views to his crimes and con jobs to his racist and xenophobic rhetoric to his tens of thousands of lies to his denial of science and logic and on to his complete and utter FAILURE on this pandemic response — Donald Trump has been a bad president and a disaster and a failure and history will not look kindly on him and neither will humanity!



Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!

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Rob Clewley

Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!