Donald Trump is Literally Killing America

Rob Clewley
9 min readAug 2, 2020

As if it was not bad enough that this president has had Americans tear gassed at protests, locks immigrant children up in cages, throws our people off of their healthcare, and has been a president NOT for the people since the day he took office, now he is actually killing us with his incompetence as well as his negligence in this pandemic.

He is literally killing our people ever since this virus came upon us and the pandemic started.

I know, his supporters will claim that he is “Great’ and that he is doing some wonderful things for the people of this country and is even helping when it comes to the virus, but lets be real for a moment, I mean, can we be real for just one moment?

Donald Trump has been bad since the very start but when it comes to our response to this pandemic, he has been negligent and has been killing our fellow Americans by his inaction and his failure to contain the virus and manage the crisis and this cannot be denied.

There are a lot of ways that Trump has failed on this virus, but I would like to get into specifics and show just how he is in fact killing the good people of the United States of America by his inaction, nonsense, delay, and negligence when it comes to the Coronavirus.

The Leader of the Free World Has Been Absent When It Counts

This was his opportunity to lead the country and make up for the many wrongs that he has done throughout his time in office and for once show the American people that he could be counted on to act presidential and be the leader that a president should be, but that is not what he did.

Instead, Trump delayed, he failed to act when it mattered the most, and he chose to blame others instead of taking responsibility for his own actions and his own failure to take the steps necessary to contain this virus at the onset and save lives.

There are several aspects of this that that he has failed on and I would like to go over a few of those things briefly.

Trump had a real opportunity to reel this thing in and get things right but as we know, he failed to do that and here we sit with more than 150,000 deaths from the virus, over four million positive cases, and millions still unemployed and struggling to get by, with clearly no end it sight anytime soon and that must be called out.

Trump is killing us, day by day by the actions that he has taken as well as the ones that he has not taken.


Trump loves to rave about how the United States has the best testing system in place and that we lead the world in testing, that nobody has done more tests than we have and as we know, the testing system that we have here is not even close to being on par with other countries and we have lagged for a very long time through all of this.

Trump recently stated that the reason that we have more positive cases of COVID-19 is because we do more tests, and that is in my view the most absurd thing that I have ever heard. The tests are not the problem, the virus and inept actions by this president is the problem and ignoring the problem by blaming tests is part of a larger problem.

Trump also recently said that he wanted to slow down testing because there were more cases and less tests means more cases. This statement should be one that concerns everyone and that is for two reasons, one being that it is absurd that someone would want less tests and secondly, it shows just how he does not care about people, just his numbers.

Less testing is not the answer, more testing is the answer.

The testing system in this country has lacked this day one. Until recently getting a COVID-19 test was not easy and tests were not very accessible and certainly without symptoms it was not easy to get a test so, Trump is wrong when he says that we are number one at testing and while we are better than we were at this, we still lack greatly.

As of today, we are fourth in the world with the number of tests performed per million population with 173,695 per million and we sit behind the UK, Russia, and Qatar in testing while we are number one in cases as well as number one in deaths and this debunks Trump’s lie that we lead in testing.

We test more because we have more cases. We lead in having the most cases and the most deaths, that is as far as our leadership goes.

False Information

Trump has been lying since his first day as president, it certainly is not a thing that is new for him, but when this virus came upon us these lies became much different in frequency and consequentially and that is because now he was not just lying about himself, now the lies had a real impact people’s lives and in fact cost lives.

The false information spread by Donald Trump since this pandemic began has harmed us more than you know and has been dangerous to the health and the safety of the American people as we try and navigate our way through the virus and all that comes with it.

Trump has lied about the virus so much from the start at his press briefings and has retweeted conspiracy theories that tell people that masks do not work, the vaccine is a way to microchip you, and other false information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

This false information is dangerous and gets people killed and should be called out for what it is, a threat.

The promotion of Trump’s magic drug Hydroxychloroquine that has not been shown to cure or even help people with virus has been dangerous enough, but then he adds to it and promotes the injection of disinfectants and suggests that masks and social distancing do not work and all of these things that he says are dangerous and risks lives.

Trump is literally killing our people by promoting his own agenda and putting false information out there, he truly is.

The Blame Game

Instead of taking responsibility for his weak and negligent actions that have given us all these cases and the most deaths in the world from this deadly virus, Trump would rather go around and blame China, Democrats, Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the media and everyone in between and while he has been doing this, the virus has taken more and more lives.

It reminds me of how he has governed since he took over the office of the presidency, always putting the blame elsewhere.

In Trump’s world it is always everyone else who is at fault and as he said about this virus, he takes no responsibility. This is how he does things and how he has governed as president, it is always easier to blame everyone else and point fingers than to accept what he has done and how he has failed with this virus and so much more.

This is the Trump playbook of denial, deflection, and blame.

He is always trying to take credit for what he has not done while blaming people for the things that he has done and is to blame for and this has never been more true than in this pandemic where Trump is killing the people of this country by his pure negligence.

Inaction and the Wrong Actions Have Put All of Our Lives in Danger

The evidence is clear, the actions as well as the massive inaction by this president shows that he does not care about the health and well-being of the people of this nation and will do whatever he has to do to secure another term in office, no matter how it impacts our citizens.

If Trump had done a few simple things at the start of this pandemic and put his own ego aside then we would be out of this crisis and lives would have been saved in the process.

The way that this should have been handled is for the president to have issued a national lockdown when we had less than a dozen cases and for him to issue a nationwide mask mandate and encourage social distancing as well as take this seriously and not call it things like a hoax and a harmless flu as Americans were dying.

Acting presidential during a pandemic is how you handle things and Trump did not do that.

He did not listen to the experts like Dr. Fauci and listen to the Coronavirus task force and instead held bizarre press briefings, attacked the press for asking him simple questions, and came up with wacko medical cures and insane conspiracy theories about the virus.

He failed to take action at the start and wasted precious time in doing so and then went on to play political games with people’s lives and blame everyone under the sun, but never taking any personal responsibility for his failures on this entire situation.

He failed to act in the early days and weeks and continues to fail in so many ways on this virus.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Trump has gambled with our lives when it comes to this virus and continues to do so with things like suggesting that schools reopen as the virus rages on through the country and pushes for the nation to end the lockdowns and have the economy reopen, well before we are ready to do so.

He has literally been killing is since the first case was discovered in the early days of the pandemic.

The next step depends on us. Today as we sit with the death rate and rate of infections not getting better in many places and many sick and dying and a president who cares about rallies and votes more than protecting the people that he is supposed to protect as President of the United States and at many times, we do not know what to do.

The way forward and out of this is not by relying on Trump, look at where that has got us so far.

Donald Trump is a virus within a virus and that will never help us through a crisis like this. He had a chance to get us past this, but he is the reason that we will get through it because we see his selfishness and his inadequacy and his clear failures of getting this right and we can overcome that.

Trump failed on this. He has made some bad choices and made wrong actions (Or lack of) and has failed with testing, with relaying information, with bringing us together in unity, and with the overall management of this crisis that we have been in for months now and for sure has been killing our people and our country.

The way forward is as one country, regardless of what Donald Trump does from here on out as his mismanagement of the pandemic and his negligence shows that he was unprepared for this virus and continues to act like someone who has no clue what he is doing politically and in every other way when it comes to keeping us safe from all of this.

Trump does not give a hoot about your health and your life and this applies even to his very own supporters.

I mean, just look at how he held rallies and made his fans sign a waiver in case they were to get the virus. He really does not care about you or me and does what is good for him, not the rest of us or even those who support him. This man is killing us and his management of this pandemic shows us more than ever that he is unfit.

Trump is unfit to lead. Our country needs a president who cares if we live or die, and it is beyond obvious that he for sure does not!



Rob Clewley

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