Faded Hope in the Age of Trump’s America

Rob Clewley
9 min readJun 12, 2020

Lies, Hate, Racism, and Division. This is America under Donald Trump!

Just look around at what has become of our country since Donald Trump took office in January of 2017 and ask yourself one simple but serious question and ask it honestly. When you ask yourself this question, do so without any sort of bias or favoritism, but rather ask this question as an American who wants to get down to the truth of the matter.

The question is this.

Are we better off as a nation today than we were when Trump took over nearly four years ago?

Now, if you are honest, then the answer will most certainly be that no, we are not better off today than we were at this time four years ago and we are not better off morally, financially, socially, or in any other way now than we were before this man took over as President of the United States.

Barack Obama gave us true Hope and Change during his time as our president and he gave us a chance to be better and to do better and we as a nation took that chance and made the most of it. Our nation was better off in so many ways when Barack was our leader and I am not just saying that because I am a supporter of the 44th President of the United States, I am saying that based on the facts in front of me.

Let us look at the way things stand today in the United States of America.

We have a pandemic that has taken the lives of more than 112,000 of our citizens and infected more than 2-million people while causing tens of millions to lose their jobs.

We have race riots and protests over racial injustice in dozens of our cities and are more racially divided than we have been since the 60s.

We are divided into two Americas. We have the most politically divisive nation that we have had in our lifetimes and a country that lacks any sort of bipartisanship on any issue.

We have a President of the United States that cannot be trusted to tell the truth and who has told nearly 20,000 lies since he took office and millions of his supporters who repeat those lies.

Poverty and homelessness are worse than they have ever been and there is no hope for those issues to be solved.

Millions of Americans do not have adequate access to health insurance or have health insurance at all.

There are more than 39,000 gun deaths per year and some of the worst public mass shootings have taken place under this president, while he sides with the National Rifle Association and puts their interests above the interests of the citizens of America.

Immigrants and minorities are treated as second and third class citizens and there is no humanity or decency.

The press is attacked for telling the truth and for asking simple questions of our leaders and facts have become “Fake News” while lies have become the truth and how our government is run.

These are just some of the ways that we have seen hope fade in our country and how our country has fallen further than we have ever seen or certainly seen in our lifetimes. It is because of this administration and this president that we have gone from hope and change to lies and hopelessness under this current occupant of the White House.

I know that you can see the hopelessness that currently exists in our nation with Donald Trump as president and if you can’t, then I do not know what I could say that would wake you up. Under his “leadership” we have seen our country decline and lose the hope that we once had for so many people in our nation and we have changed from a unified nation to a very divided country that has lost our way.


The pandemic came upon us and we knew that it would not be good, but we had an opportunity to get it under control and save lives, but that did not take place and we know why. The reason that we were unable to get it contained is because we had a “leader” who did not lead and who chose to play the same games with people’s lives that he always plays.

The pandemic was not controlled because Donald Trump wanted to blame China (after he praised them) and Democrats instead of taking a decisive set of actions that would have put us in a much better position than we are in as we currently stand and save lives and keep people safe from the virus that has devastated our nation.

He dropped the ball and did not set measures in place that would have saved many lives and kept people safe. He waited and played political games and because of that we now lead the country in cases and deaths when it did not have to be that way. If he had set social distancing guidelines in place and authorized lockdowns months ago, then we would be in a much better place than we are in now.

Instead, he called the virus “A harmless flu” and “A hoax” for weeks as our citizens were getting sick and dying and did not take the necessary steps that would have set us on a different path. He had dismantled the Pandemic Response Team that Obama had set up and never replenished PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that our medical professionals so desperately need now to fight this virus and so much more.

His response to this public health crisis has been nothing short of a complete disaster.

Racial Injustice

Trump has a long history of racism.

I mean, let us get real. He was elected because of his racial prejudices and his anti-immigrant agenda and it was his racist views against President Obama that put him on the political stage to begin with. Trump pays attention, he saw the racism that was out there on Fox and with the people now known as his supporters against Obama and he jumped on that opportunity.

The race riots that are happening and these protests because of police brutality and racism were not started by Trump. They have been with us for some time as has racism, but Trump has pushed a racial agenda against non-whites from the very start, that is how the whole “Build a wall” and “Ban Muslims” conversations got started.

In regard to what is happening now with these protests and the racial tension in our country, he did not create it, but he for sure does not help it and his racist words against so many groups now and throughout his presidency have made the situation worse and have made America more racially divided that we have been in quite some time.

He has always been racist. America has always been racist. Now, we have the two merged together and find ourselves in a very difficult situation with the two forces together. A racist population teamed up with a racist president and now we have a situation that has been created by these two forces, we have racial unrest that coupled with a public health crisis and a lack of leadership by Trump and that is a bad thing for America.

Dishonesty and Blame at the Top

Trump lies. Trump calls everything “fake news”. Trump blames everyone.

Even before the two issues that we are experiencing now, this president has been a problem for quite awhile now.

He never tells the truth and he blames everyone and never takes any sort of responsibility for the things that he has said and done. These are not traits that are good to have in a president, but this is what we have with Donald Trump.

Telling thousands of lies and blaming your predecessor for everything will never make this country great. He can never be trusted to get up to the podium and say, “I am sorry guys, I messed up and I was wrong” and he never can tell us the truth of what is happening. It is always, “Everyone knows” or “this is the best” or “most tremendous”.

That is all fine and dandy except that nothing is tremendous or the best in our country at all with him in charge. We have no hope and that will be my final point and the essence of this article. That is the point we have arrived at and the point of it all.

The point is that Trump never accepts any blame or responsibility and he for sure, never tells the truth and has lied more than any president in the history of this nation and this is something that we can no longer accept and let go on any longer.

Make America Hope Again

Hope faded the moment that Donald Trump took office.

We lost who we were as a nation and lost all hope for the future of our children and our country.

Obama truly gave us hope. Every time that Barack Obama spoke, you knew that it was from the heart and that he truly cared about this country. He did it for us and for the country, he was not in it for himself or to build his brand and that is exactly what we have with Trump.

Trump scammed his supporters by telling them that he was “Donating his salary” when in actuality, he has made millions from his presidency by his selling of hats and other side cons he has going on from the White House and his supporters buy it. They actually think that he is “donating” his salary to the people because he cares about America.

Trust me, he does not care about America. Donald Trump cares about himself and what he can get out of it.

Hope was lost when he took over. We have had to endure hate coming out of the highest office in the land, racism, lie after lie, manipulation, insults from Trump towards the press, the disabled, and so many more, corruption, and an overall disaster in so many ways for 1,238 days and we have not had any hope and any peace in that time.

We need hope again. We need peace again. We need competence again.

We will not get any of that if he is re-elected.

Finally ..

Let us make the right choice this November and bring Hope and Change back to America by the sidekick of the man who gave it to us back in 2008, Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden.

Joe is the one who will restore that hope to our country once again.

Joe will respect our civil rights. Joe will fight for common sense gun reform. Joe will stand against racism instead of calling the people who perpetrate it, “very fine people”. Joe will deal with public health issues by allowing the doctors and scientists to handle it.

Joe will do so much to bring HOPE back to our country and most of all, Joe will not attack the press and act like a dictator and commit human rights abuses against children, immigrants, and others as he allows the dictators of the world to commit those very same abuses.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against hope and a vote against America and the very values that our Founding Fathers fought so hard for back when our nation was created. It is these values that Democrats fight for and that we believe in, while people like Trump fight against and try to change who we are and what we are about.

It has been a long time since we had integrity and hope coming from the President of the United States and those around him, on 11/2/2020 let us once again restore sanity to the Oval Office and in essence, restore hope to the United States of America and take back this country that has been lost for more than a thousand days — Our future depends on it!



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