For Trump Supporters , Winning is ALL that Matters

Trump gives his base what they want.

He tells them what they want to hear.

He is like a God to them.

In a presidency of incoherent statements, lack of science suggestions, wacko medical advice, lies and flat out insanity, Trump has gone to a level that we never thought we would see in a president — He has suggested that human beings inject disinfectant to cure themselves of the horrible virus known as COVID-19.

Yes, you heard that right. He has gone off the wall and suggested this and then his supporters say, “he did not say that”, when it is on VIDEO and clearly did say it.

They always say he did not say the things that he has clearly said and defend his horrid words and actions, but this time, he has gone too far and the loyal supporters he has have shown that they do not care about our country, facts, or doing anything to better our nation and that is really sad being that we are in a time where thousands of our citizens are dying because of his failure of a response with this virus.

They defend him no matter what, they have shown they have no humanity or common sense.

These people get their news from pro-Trump “news” agencies like Fox, Breitbart, The Blaze and straight from the ultimate source of fake news and lies — Trump himself, instead of getting their information from reliable and factual sources.

This entire crisis has shown us just who they are and just who he is.

The supporters of this president have no interest in the truth. Everything that they do not like is “fake news” to them. Things were bad and divisive before and now they are even worse. They do not want to know what is really going on and in the past I could laugh at their nonsense and at the lies that he tells, but with lives on the line, I must speak out more than ever.

Here is how it goes. Trump makes some off the wall insane comment or claim and his supporters one by one repeat that nonsense and then it continues and goes viral.

It is beyond obvious that these people cannot think for themselves, they have become like the followers of Jim Jones and during such a dangerous and flat out uncertain time, that is a problem and that is dangerous and something that we cannot accept.

The ignorance of his supporters amazes me. Simply, amazes me.

Trump as we know has a very large ego and he needs constant praise and attention and he has certainly got his wish with his base of loyal supporters and other defenders. The base is hardcore in their support of the president and unlike previous bases of presidents, facts do not matter to these people, the only thing that matters to them is winning.

You hear it all the time with his supporters. They say, “America is winning again”, yet they have no idea what actual winning looks like as if you look around we here in the United States certainly are not winning with Trump running the show and things in America for sure are not “great”, things are the exact opposite of winning and of great, but they cannot see that.

Trump gives them what they want and that keeps them coming back for more and keeps them happy, although ignorantly happy with their constant blinders on, still it keeps them satisfied. Trump loves his base for the simple fact that they are his defenders and apologists and they will fall over themselves to go after anyone who says anything bad (truthful) about him.

To these people, Trump is the chosen one. He recently said that he was the chosen one and hearing his supporters talk about him shows that to them he for sure is, he is a God to these folks. They do not care to look at his many flaws and the mess that he has created, but instead, want to blame the media and liberals for the things he has done and the problems that he has created since taking office in early 2017.

The way that he keeps them engaged and happy is by telling them what they want to hear and never telling them the truth and they seem perfectly fine with this as they seem fine with his lies and his sexist and racist behavior and they have proven this day in and day out. Trump knows how to push their buttons and how to reel them in and they take the bait every single time and forgive him easily when he slips up, which is often.

It doesn’t take much to keep these people happy. You just have to blame the many groups that they despise and they will follow along, or Trump just has to say the words “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton or “send her back” about U.S. representative Omar like we talked about earlier and they are sold, he knows just what to say to get them interested and keep them and his brainwashing of his base has worked, from everything we see.

I hate to say that they are brainwashed, but what else would you call it? It is clear that they have drank the Kool Aid and have bought into the let’s blame everyone plan that Trump is all about. In order for him to keep his base happy he has to first do several things and so far, he is doing each one of them, that is why most of his fans remain committed and on board.

The first thing he must do to keep his core base is to blame Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, and Democrats as a whole, this is essential in their minds. The base is loyal, and I will give them that, but they are brainwashed in my view as they believe his lies and the propaganda that he spews, but that is what his plan was all along. Trump said years ago that if he were to run as president that he would run as a Republican because they are the easiest to manipulate and he apparently was correct in this assessment.

Trump supporters certainly are easy to fool, so it does not take much to keep them happy as they will fall for anything. Even when Trump has been proven to have told a lie, they do not believe it and always give him the benefit of the doubt by saying, “He never said that”, “He was joking”, “That is fake news” and on down the line. They defend him at every turn and that is because he gives them what they want and keeps them happy.

For his supporters it is not so much about what he does, but rather what he promises to do that matters. He has made a lot of promises, none of which he has kept, and we will review that a little further in a later chapter devoted entirely to his broken promises and failure to deliver what he said he would. Sadly, those who are in his corner cannot see this and they choose to remain blind to the fact that he doesn’t come through on what he said he would.

Instead they choose to remain ignorant and in a sense are like children around Christmas time when it comes to Santa Clause, they know in their hearts that it is their parents who are delivering the gifts, yet choose to believe that there is such a thing as Santa and that he is going to bring them everything that they asked for and more.

This is what you have with Trump supporters, they know that he is full of it when he tells them the things he tells them at his rallies and in his tweets, but for some unexplainable reason they think that he is the great savior and will come through on the promise of making America great again, even though the evidence shows that he makes it less great by the day.

They believe his lies and that proves that they are gullible, but they are happy as Trump gives them what they want and for these people that is enough, that does the job at satisfying them. The truth does not matter to his supporters, they are perfectly okay living in their ignorance and delusions of how great he is doing as president and have no interest in facts.

So, they are quite happy when Trump feeds them the script of cute slogans and talking points and they are not the least bit skeptical that they may be getting played by him, even though they are. As long as Trump promises something then they are happy and of course, they also get quite tickled when he repeats what I call his greatest hits like “build the wall”, “lock her up”, “Russia investigation was a hoax’, and so on.

Trump knows just what to say to keep his base engaged and with him and it is not only his words, but his actions also keep them around. There are many things that he promised to do yet hasn’t done, but then there are the things he has done and those policies and actions do keep them satisfied and that says all we need to know about these people as the things Trump has done are far from moral or ethical.

What makes them happy and keeps them on board?

Things like deporting immigrants and separating children from their parents, denying LGBTQ Americans their constitutionally protected rights, reversing Obama policies that helped people like Obamacare, DACA, and so on are the things that he has done that keep his base happy and put smiles on their faces and that is just shameful.

Absolutely shameful. The worst part is that they do not care that his policies hurt people and turn our country into an unrecognizable place, they like these things that he does and think it is noble, when it is anything but. Decent people would not be happy about mistreating people, especially mistreating children like he does with his policies.

They are just as Hillary said they are, deplorables. They are quite happy to be referred to as that too as they wear these “values” like a badge of honor and are proud of the things that he stands for and that they support, let that sink in for a moment, they are proud of harming CHILDREN and support racist, sexist, and inhumane policies.

In the past it was not about keeping a certain president’s base happy, but rather they wanted to have healthy and happy citizens, no matter what their political affiliation was. That is not the case with the current president, he has no interest in what most Americans want or how they suffer, he simply wants to keep his own base satisfied so that they vote him in for a second term, nothing else is important to Trump, it is all about winning.

Winning at any cost is his goal and he will go to extreme lengths to achieve this goal of another term, even if it harms the very people that he is charged with representing as president. He even said it himself, that he is president of his supporters, or as he referred to them as, “the winning side”. It is sad that we have a man leading our country that does not stand up for all Americans and who seems to be completely fine with giving his base what they want, even if it is not what the country as a whole want.

He is a crowd pleaser and a narcissist who needs the attention that his base gives him. He knows who his base is and what they want, and he gives it to them even if it is just in theory. He will say the things that they want to hear and tell his fans to blame immigrants, Democrats, and the so-called “establishment” for their issues, when in reality he and them are the ones creating the problems that they face and that we face in America.

Like I mentioned earlier, he knew that his supporters did not like Barack Obama way back before they were his supporters so he created the fake story that our last president was not born in this country and the birther lie gained steam and people started to believe that Obama was a Muslim and was born in Kenya, both of which are not true. He pushed this narrative because he knew that it would create a movement, a racist movement. He also knew that people who now are in his base did not like immigrants or Muslims, so he started with the wall talk and banning Muslims and was able to get people on board that way and that is how he came to be in power.

His policies may be dumb and he may say things that are flat out uneducated and ignorant, but Donald Trump is no dummy, he knew what he was doing from the very start when he came up with these racist talking points as he knew what would get people interested as he knows what will keep them coming back for more and that is a racist, divisive, and hateful message that his base supports and is all about.

To keep them happy he knows that he must stick to the script and give them what they want and what they want is for him to tell them that everything that they experience negatively in life is the fault of others and that they should do as he does and blame these other groups for their problems. They do not seem to care for facts, they would rather be spoon fed the story as I call it, the story of making America “great” and the false narrative that Obama, minorities, and the Democratic Party is at fault.

Another way that he keeps them happy is to tell them how great things are when in reality things are not great at all. He tells them that the economy is the best that it has ever been while taking credit for the economic successes of the last guy and ignoring the problems within his own economy. He tells them that our unemployment rate is the lowest in decades while failing to tell them that there are millions of Americans who still struggle to pay their bills and that most of these jobs are part time, low wage jobs.

He tells them that America is respected again around the world when the reality is that we have become a global embarrassment and other countries view what we have become as a joke. He also tells his supporters that we are better than ever before on issues like race relations, civil rights, and the environment when our race relations are the worst that they have been since the 1960s and he is actually taking away civil rights from women, LGBTQ people, and non-white Americans, and don’t even get me started on the environment as this president has the worst climate and environmental policies of any president in recent memory.

So, don’t believe him when he tells these lies and says how great America is doing when the reality is that we are in a steady decline under his leadership (or lack thereof) and winning is certainly something that America has had very little of if any at all on his watch. None of the things he says about the greatness of America is true, but it is all about feeding the base the talking points and propaganda to keep them thinking that our country is in better shape with him as president and that is why they should elect him again.

He aims to keep his base happy as if he does not then he knows he has no shot at re-election if they are not on board and sadly, many of them still are on board and buy into the nonsense he spews and truly do believe that we are better than ever when that is the furthest thing from the truth and that we as a nation are in the worst shape we have been in since before I can remember and will continue to lose until he is removed from office.

Trump figures that he can keep his base happy for the most part by promising them the world, even though he has no intention on delivering on any of those very campaign promises. He knows that he has these folks wrapped around his finger and that regardless of what he does or does not do that they will vote for him again in 2020 and the sad part is, he is right on the money with this gamble as these people will vote for him no matter what.

Unlike supporters of previous presidents, the supporters of Donald Trump are not big on results, but rather base their support on the illusion of results and the promise of a better life than the one they dream up on their own. I mean, why else would they vote for a guy who has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, has changed his political affiliation more times than some people change their underwear, or support a guy who accepts zero personal responsibility and blames everyone else for his issues.

The supporters of Trump are obviously not operating on common sense or a full deck, so to speak. Trump keeps them happy because he tells them what they want to hear, rather than the truth and when you tell people like them what they want to hear then they will support you one hundred percent. Keeping the base happy is what Trump is all about and he keeps them happy by using cute slogans and playing the “blame the black guy” game that got him popular in the first place.

There are other ways that he keeps the base happy. One of those ways is that he gives the base fuel for their feelings of anger and resentment at the groups they have despised for a very long time when at his events he uses racist and anti -immigrant rhetoric to keep them engaged or pushes the xenophobic agenda that brought him to power to begin with. If you can recall when he called Mexicans all sorts of horrible names when he first started with the wall talk, or when he said that Obama was not born here, or when he called for a Muslim ban, it was after those words and actions that his base started acting out with violence towards minorities and when the hate really started to flourish in America.

He keeps them happy by promising to deport immigrants and make America the white, Christian nation that they have always wanted it to be and will keep the presidency if he gets enough people to buy into the propaganda that he is pushing and another four years is what will truly make the base happy, but four more years of him as president will cripple the country in so many ways, it will especially cripple us ethically and morally and that is something that we cannot afford to allow to take place.

If the base is happy then you know America is headed in the wrong direction and sure ruin of our values and our nation is to come. Trump for sure does not care about what is best for all Americans and he has proven this time and time again by his actions. He only cares about what his base wants and what makes them happy and will do anything to keep them that way because he knows if the base is not happy, then he can kiss re-election goodbye.

As long as the base is happy, he does not care. He knows that he is nothing without them, so he does what he can to keep them satisfied even if it means (as it often does) lying to them and promising them things that he never intends on delivering. It is all about the base with Trump, not about the American people as a whole and that is what is really sad because most presidents are for the citizens as a group, but not with Trump, he doesn’t care what the rest of us want, he only cares what his voters want.

One other thing he does to keep them happy is he plays to their emotions and the emotion he feeds on most is anger. He knows what makes them angry and he will trigger their anger by telling them things like immigrants are coming for their jobs and that their tax dollars are paying for “illegals” to receive benefits like Medicaid and food stamps. Deep down I have to believe that his supporters do not believe these things but being gullible is one thing they have proven themselves to be, so they fall for it.

They have fallen for his lies for years and years. That will not change.

What we must change is giving these people the benefit of the doubt and accepting their nonsense. This is unacceptable and never should be something that we accept as normal.

His response to this virus has been weak and a failure and the fact that his supporters defend his insane banter and his off the wall statements at his daily briefings is even more insane. It is a fact that we have never, ever in the history of this country had such a clueless and incompetent leader and during a national health crisis nonetheless.

He just wants to make the base happy to get votes. He does not care about our country or our people and he will do and say anything to get a second term and his supporters will defend him to their literal deaths to make sure he wins another term and that is the clear definition of UN-AMERICAN!




Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!

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Rob Clewley

Rob Clewley

Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!

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