Hope and Change Returns to America

Rob Clewley
6 min readJan 29, 2021

Joe Biden is now the President of the United States and in the first week or so of the Biden presidency has shown us what a different president he is from his predecessor and how different of a leader that he is overall. After four years of lies, attacks, chaos, and failed policies during the Trump presidency, it is quite refreshing to have real leadership, honesty, and smart policies once again at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Barack Obama coined the phrase Hope and Change and it was not just a campaign slogan, but it became reality. Biden isn’t Obama, but he is giving us that hope and change once again, at a time when we need it more than we ever have. The last few years have been chaotic and destructive and for us to get back to who we were as a nation, we need real leadership and the hope and change we had once before.

The Obama presidency overturned some of the harmful effects of the Bush years and restored what was lost within our country. Obama came into the office of the president when we were fighting two unnecessary wars, an economy that was in shambles, and an uncertain future. Obama got our economy going once again and in essence ended those ground wars and much more. the 44th President of the United States gave millions of Americans healthcare, ended harmful environmental policies, protected young immigrants from deportation, and much more.

Joe Biden faces even greater challenges as Trump made Bush look like a competent and great president.

I did not like G.W. Bush, but he was a much better president than Trump was and he at least had respect for others. Barack Obama faced many challenges as he took office during a recession and a nation losing standing on the global stage. Today, we have lost respect around the globe more than ever, and even though we have not been at war during the last four years, we have two wars within our borders to speak of.

These wars have created challenges for Joe as he attempts to correct the many wrongs of the Trump years. First off, we have a pandemic that is raging within our borders with the most deaths and most cases in the world. This virus was allowed to freely spread throughout our country because of the failures of the last president. The vaccine rollout was slow and sporadic, the testing system has been flawed from the start, and the last administration failed on so many levels during this pandemic.

Then, we have the other war — a nation more divided than we have been at any time in our modern history. Joe has this challenge to face, and like the challenges of the pandemic, this divided nation poses a threat to our nation and our people. If you thought that we were divided during the Obama two terms in office, you can surely see how we are divided more now than then or perhaps, ever.

The insurrection at the Capitol last month showed us just how deeply divided we are in America. This was a defining moment in our country and revealed just how much the enemy is alive and well within our very own borders and amongst our very own people. These two wars that we face here at home both pose challenges for the new president and that is not even the worst of what he faces. The threats go far beyond these two things and the division is even deeper than that, being that despite having control of the House and the Senate, there are threats there too.

The QAnon cult that emerged during the Trump years have infiltrated our very own government with people like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene being Q conspiracy theorists and racist Trumpers and these women are at the Capitol daily, and sometimes armed. They are COVID-19 deniers and favor what happened at the Capitol on January 6th. Both of these members of Congress believe the conspiracy theory that the election was stolen from Trump and because of this, pose a threat to our safety and our national security.

Despite all of this, there is hope. Despite the challenges that Biden faces, he can bring change to America- in fact, he already has.

Since taking office, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have overturned many aspects of the Trump regime and have begun to restore that hope and change to America once again. Biden came roaring out of the gate and signed a slew of executive actions aimed at dismantling the chaotic and hateful policies from the previous administration. Hateful things like the Muslim ban, the wall, and inhumane immigration policies.

Biden has let the experts and scientists do the talking on the fields that they are trained in and that shows the type of leader he is. You won’t hear him calling the pandemic a hoax or attacking top doctors who only seek to keep people safe. Joe wears a mask and has encouraged others to do the same, while calling out those who do not.

As you can see, Biden does what real presidents should do, he leads and works for the people.

The executive orders that he signed in the beginning show that he is up to the challenge of making America great again. If you have not been paying close attention to the things he has done in his first week or so in office then let us have a short review of his first actions as President of the United States and the changes that we have seen thus far.

  • DACA protections
  • Stopping the construction of the border wall
  • Mask mandate
  • Overturning the Muslim ban
  • Re-enrollment of Obamacare
  • Cancelling the Keystone Pipeline
  • Overturning the transgender military ban
  • Signing LGBTQ legal protections against discrimination
  • Raising federal min wage for fed employees

As you can see, Joe is making our country what it should have been all along once again. He is bringing hope and change back to America and showing that this is what real leaders do and how real leaders act. Instead of golfing and tweeting all day long, Joe is getting the job done and giving so many of us hope once again.

There is an old saying that elections have consequences and that has certainly been the case over these last four years. COVID spread throughout our nation because we had a failed leader who had no idea what he was doing and racism and hate flourished because he stoked the flames and was a voice for white supremacy and other hateful ideologies. Now, the opposite is coming true for our country, we have a leader who believes in science and has a heart of compassion for others.

The first days of the Biden presidency has been hopeful and has brought much needed change to our country, with more to come.



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