In Two Weeks If we Choose Joe, Sanity Will Be Restored to Our Nation

I believe that the Grateful Dead said it best when they sang the lyrics so many years ago, “Lately, it occurs to me, what a long, strange trip it’s been” and these words directly relate to the last four years for the United States of America under the mayhem and chaos of the Trump presidency and all that comes with that.

These last four years have been strange to say the least and have set us on a path of becoming an unrecognizable nation in many senses, a nation that we do not even know as our own anymore. The Trump years have been far from great and the next four years would be even worse if by some reason he gets elected for another term.

14 days from today we vote.

Will we make the right choice this time or repeat the same mistake that was made four years ago?

I hope that our country learned our lesson from what took place in 2016 and can see how Trump did not make us great again and in fact made us the least great that we have ever been in our history. I hope that we have woken up over his term in office and have come to our senses and in 14 short days we will know the answer to that question.

The COVID-19 Response Alone Shows The Incompetence of this President and his Administration

This president has failed completely on this pandemic and even after having come down with the virus he continues to lie about COVID and downplay it and the deaths from it. Trump has done nothing but mislead the public on this situation and either fail to act or take action late and in a weak way, that has been the case since day one.

Trump was incompetent before COVID with his presidential policies and the way that he runs the country but he took this incompetence to an entirely new level once the virus came upon us. I mean, the man was dangerous before but now he is even more so. The fact of the matter is that this president failed to protect the American people when it comes to the virus, he lied and misled the public and as a result, lives were lost.

Of course, his supporters claim he did “great” and “saved lives” and this is the biggest joke of all.

Trump never issued a national mask mandate, he never encouraged social distancing, he attacked governors and mayors who did act and who did take action on protecting public health, and overall he failed while standing there are falsely comparing it to the flu and calling it a hoax.

225,000+ dead, millions infected, and millions unemployed with no end in sight and he and his supporters want to claim he did a good job at protecting us?

Give me a break. He failed on COVID. He knew how deadly it was and ignored the threat and many died because of his failures on this and many more will continue to lose their lives. Then, he goes and holds rallies with no masks or social distancing and will not even wear a mask himself. Just look at the Rose Garden event that got him and others infected, the man has failed us at a time when the country needed a leader.

He is not one.

The Racist in Chief and the Most Divisive President in History

The racism by Trump during these last four years should be reason enough to go in a different direction in the upcoming election, one among the so many reasons why we should go the opposite way and vote for Joe Biden in just two weeks.

I know, Trump supporters do not think that he is a racist or they know he is and do not care. Either way, they are in constant defense of him when he is called out for the racist comments that he makes or his alignment with the racist hate groups and individuals that he praises.

Our country has never been more divided. Our country has never had a president who is a racist.

Now we are and now we do have one.

Trump made racism acceptable once again and he continues to defend the hate from racists like he did when he called the white supremacist terrorists in Charlottesville “Very fine people” or when he defended the hateful and racist white nationalist in Wisconsin and the many other times he has excused racism and hate.

He calls out liberals who oppose his racist words and policies but will not call out white supremacy, even when given ample opportunity to do so.

The Muslim ban, the wall and locking immigrant children in cages, the names against Black Lives Matter, the racist birther lie about President Obama and so much more prove that Trump is a racist. These are the facts whether those who support him want to accept it or not.

Make Racism Wrong Again is my motto.

The Truth Matters — Bring Honesty and Integrity back to the Oval Office

As of today, Trump has told more than 22,000 false or misleading statements as President of the United States.

In other words — he has lied thousands of times to the American people and been an untruthful and fraudulent leader. When we are talking about COVID-19 he has told more than 1,000 lies and that is in just a few short months, let that sink in.

We need a president who tells the truth and that is not Trump.

He has never leveled with us or been honest a day in his life, let alone as president. He covered up the virus and the severity that it was just as he lied about what he was going to do for this country. He even lies to his supporters when he speaks to them and gives them false hope of what he will do for them as their president.

Let me rephrase. He especially lies to his supporters as he knows that they are gullible enough to believe those lies that he tells them and will not call him out on those falsehoods. The people who support this man never fact check anything that he says and that is because Trump is their lone source of news and information — if Trump says it, then that is all that they need.

Joe tells the truth and Joe can be trusted. Trump? He has proven that he does not tell the truth and cannot be trusted.

Joe Biden is as honest as they come. The man has integrity and will never intentionally mislead the people of this country. The former VP has been being honest with the American people since his days back riding the trains into D.C. from Delaware and will be honest when he becomes the next man to hold the office of the presidency.

Trump on the other hand has never been honest to us and if re-elected, that will remain the case.

Look at three of his most recent lies just in the last few days.

  • “The pandemic is to blame for changes to DACA”
  • “The World Health Organization just admitted that I was right. Lockdowns are killing countries all over the world. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. Open up your states, Democrat governors. Open up New York. A long battle, but they finally did the right thing!”
  • “Joe Biden is a socialist”

These lies right here show that this man is insane and cannot be trusted to be in the position that he is in. None of that is true and this is just a small sample of the lies that he tells us. He lies so often that Twitter had to adopt a new policy of fact checking tweets when they had never done that prior to him being president.

The truth matters and if the truth matters to you then you should choose Joe Biden as the truth does not matter to Trump or his supporters.

Joe is Who We Need to Rescue Our Nation from Four More Years of Chaos and Destruction

There should not be any question as to who you will vote for in the election on November 3rd. The choice is clear when we weigh it all out and look at what has transpired since 2016 and that choice that is best for our country is Joe Biden.

Joe is a real leader and will right all the wrongs and clean up all the messes that Trump has been responsible for. Biden showed during his time as the VP under President Obama that he is capable of leading in a competent way and getting things done.

Trump has failed in so many ways. Joe will never fail our nation, he will right the failures of Donald Trump and bring back sanity to our country. As I always say when I am encouraging people to make the right choice — vote for Biden in 2020 and make America smart, sane, and safe again.

This is what we must do.

Trump thrives on fear and he is trying to scare people with lies about Biden and Democrats into voting for him. He knows it is over and he can manipulate his supporters easily , he has done it for years.

He loves to make people afraid and think that everything is bad because this is how he wins and gets people to vote for him.

Trump denies what we really should be afraid of — the virus, fires caused by the threat of climate change, and racism and hate from the extremists who support him.

Those are the real threats to our safety, but he chooses to focus on Joe Biden and peaceful protesters and mail-in-voting and get his supporters to buy into the lie that “socialism” will ruin their lives and destroy this country when in fact, Biden does not even support socialism and when asked what the true definition of it is, Trump and his supporters cannot define it.

We must choose Joe. The election is around the corner and if Trump wins then we lose so much and our future will be a dark one. We have lost so much with Trump being president, we cannot afford to lose any more of ourselves and our land.

Trump is dangerous, unfit, and a threat to this nation.

When you vote remember who Trump is and remember that he will never change, it is all about him when it should be about us and the future of our country.




Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!

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Rob Clewley

Rob Clewley

Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!

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