Make America Care Again

Rob Clewley
3 min readJan 18, 2020

In the first debate Mayor Pete was right. The party that claims ownership has no right to speak religious language when they defend Trump and his inhumane treatment of immigrant children or how they defend guns over kids killed in school shootings or how they demonize poor Americans and call the homeless and those on welfare names or how they attack LGBTQ Americans.

I just got out of church and they had the same message. We all are made in the image of God and are all humans and we should treat immigrants like humans and give them compassion and help.

Trump has committed crimes against humanity in HIS facilities and on the border with these CHILDREN. Yet, he continues to tell the lie that Obama did the same thing. Obama didn’t deny children basic human necessities and rights like food , toothbrushes , soap, and medical care. Children didn’t die in detention centers under Obama. This is on Trump and he has the power to stop it.

I have a solution. Take that 5 billion he is wasting on his racist wall and build homes for homeless vets , homeless Americans, AND undocumented immigrants. We can help all humans . We waste billions on things like walls , wars and Trump’s vacations.

Let’s help!

How ANYONE could defend the mistreatment and inhumane practices of these kids is beyond comprehension. It doesn’t matter HOW they got here. They are CHILDREN created by the most high God and they are in our care and we should treat them with dignity, respect, and humanity.

Trump and his supporters claim to be pro life and Christian yet they certainly do not act like it. Not one bit.

Try him for crimes against HUMANITY.

Amnesty for all!!!!

That being said , the idea that in general Christianity is a concept that Republicans own is ludicrous and very far fetched. Those in conservative circles claim that because liberals support same sex marriage and a woman’s right to choose that we cannot be Christians but we are the ones who fight for the true values of Christ, the values that Jesus stood for and ultimately died for.

Liberals have shown that they are the party of God. We are the ones who value human life and who are against the death penalty, want to help the homeless and poor , give people healthcare and take care of immigrants including children.

So, Mayor Pete was right when he said, the party that claims ownership over religion and religious freedom should act like Christians because under Trump they certainly do not.

If we are going to claim to a religion that preached helping others, then we must live those values, not just speak them. Jesus believed in healing the sick, counseling the broken, feeding the hungry, and helping people. Jesus had compassion for others, but this president and his supporters clearly do not and do not act like the Christians that they claim to be.

Every night, millions sleep on our streets, millions more struggle to pay their bills, millions need mental and physical healthcare, and so many do not know where rent is coming from. Immigrants are treated as dirty and criminals, LGBTQ people are viewed as second class citizens, and the rich and powerful are given everything while the rest of us are left to figure it out on our own time and time again.

Trump takes food stamps from the needy, hurts the disabled, takes away rights from the vulnerable. He is everything that Christianity is not and his supporters are no different, worse in many ways in fact. We must get him out to truly make this country a caring place again, to make it be compassionate and have feelings for the needy and those who need support and help, it clearly is not that anymore.



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