One Last Election Message — Voting For Joe is Our Only Hope

Rob Clewley
7 min readNov 3, 2020


Today I just have one very simple message for everyone — if you haven’t already, vote for Joe Biden.

The last four years have been chaotic and a complete disaster and our country cannot afford four more years of incompetence, lies, and utter disaster from what we know as the worst and most corrupt president in the history of our country.

We just cannot.

There are some very simple reasons to vote for Joe Biden and help us heal and move on from the chaotic Trump presidency, but I will just lay out three very important reasons in this short Election Day message — a message of hope, of change, of common sense.

Trump has failed on the pandemic and as a result, many people have died and our country is in dir straits

Even pre-pandemic it was clear that Donald Trump was unprepared to lead this country but this was his chance to do good in a presidency that has been full of failure and incompetence.

This was a test for Trump and he failed that test miserably and continues to fail that test and Americans continue to get sick and die. Trump never had a plan to address COVID and even just yesterday at a rally, he was making fun of it and downplaying the virus.

Previous presidents had a plan to deal with such events. Trump did not and the results have been tragic.

The Obama playbook consisted of a clear and direct plan to address a tragic situation like the one that we find ourselves in now and Trump not only went and dismissed this game plan, but he threw the plan out completely and that would not have been so bad if he replaced the plan, but just like his approach to healthcare, he did not.

Barack Obama literally had a team called the Pandemic Response Team that was set up to deal with these types of events and Trump went ahead and gutted this team and ignored the rest of the playbook that Obama left him including the 69-page National Security Council guidebook that was left for him in 2016.

The Trump administration basically ignored every single plan to be carried up if we ran into a public health crisis like the one we are in now and the result has been massive loss of life and sickness as well as the associated side effects of such a crisis, like job losses and an economy that is falling apart and that is not to mention other impacts like mental health and stress.

“To say there was no playbook was ridiculous”, said one senior former Obama administration official.

There was a playbook and Trump was briefed on this game plan to deal with a pandemic and he completely ignored the intel and chose to do his own thing, which was to essentially do nothing and ignore the threat that is right in front of us with this pandemic.

Trump was briefed in his Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) and ignored it to the point where he would not even read it. Trump knew that this could be a problem and he chose to do things his way, instead of look at how you actually handle an outbreak from his predecessor and look at the difference, the H1N1 outbreak under Obama had around 12,000 deaths, with this virus we are now nearing 231,000 and in a fraction of the time.

Trump was unprepared and that is because he chose to go it alone and ignore the playbook given to him on how to proceed.

Joe would have a plan on day one to address the pandemic and save lives. He would not play games or call it a hoax or threaten to fire Fauci, a leading expert in the field. Joe is prepared to get us out of this mess and protect the health of the American people and if Trump stays in power, we are in for more death and chaos.

Joe is a decent, honest, and humane man

Joe Biden has morals and he will be honest with the people of this country and Trump has proven that he is none of those things and in fact is a cruel and inhumane person.

Joe doesn’t lie. Joe doesn’t make fun of the disabled. Joe is not a racist and he is not all about himself.

Trump has proven over these last four years that he is not for every American and only cares about himself. In fact, Trump does not even care about his very own supporters and is without a doubt willing to sacrifice them for his own political and financial gain.

He holds rallies with no social distancing or masks exposing his fans to this deadly virus and does things like throws people off of Medicare and other healthcare programs and even plans to guy Social Security, the very thing many of his supporters are on.

Trump is all about himself. He always will be.

The man they call “The Donald” has lied more than 20,000 times since taking office and even has lied about this deadly virus. Trump is far from honest and has even lied about his own family. The man cannot tell the truth to save his life and when we discuss humanity, he lacks that too.

He has had immigrant children locked in cages, use racism to attack peaceful protesters, and even has had those protesters tear gassed so that he could have a photo-op.

His Muslim ban, wall, and other racist policies show that he has no human decency or morals. The last four years have shown us who he is and like a zebra, he will never change his stripes and will always be the Donald Trump that he is now.

Joe on the other hand does tell the truth, does have morals, and is a good man, a man who we need to lead our country.

Joe cares about people and will be the president for all of us, not just the rich and his base. This is who Joe Biden is and it is who he will be as President of these United States. Joe will unite us and bring us together because that is who Joe is and what he does.

Joe is who we need — it is obvious!

Trump has been a lot of things — hateful, racist, untruthful, incompetent over the course of his presidency, but what he has not been sane or intelligent and his words and actions over the course of his first term in office have certainly proven that.

Joe Biden is the one who brings those things to the conversation, Joe is a proven leader who leads with intelligence and sanity, much different than what we get with Trump, who has neither of those traits, and those traits are vital for a president to have.

This pandemic has really shown just how insane Trump is and how much he lacks the intelligence to make the right choices and lead the country in a smart and competent way during a crisis or not in a crisis, either way, he has proven that he is unfit to serve as President of the United States now or at any time.

Joe Biden and his VP pick, Kamala Harris have the intelligence and the sane, experienced ability to lead this country out of the fallout of the COVID-19 crisis and in other ways as well, they have what it takes to rebuild this nation into what it should be and give the American people what they have deserved all along.

The pair of Biden and Harris will not only bring much needed change and restore hope to our country, but they will make America sane again and they will indeed make us smart again and these are needed more than ever, very much so.

Biden was part of the Hope and Change of the Obama years and he will bring those same values back to our country yet again. Biden and Harris have a plan to fix all of our problems, problems created by this current president and those who follow him.

Joe will restore us to the best country in the world again and he will truly end the chaos that we know as Donald Trump.

The choice is clear — the Biden and Harris team is who we must choose to end this mess

America has been on a steady decline since the coup on our democracy was put into place by Donald Trump and Russia. Yes there was collusion and obstruction of justice but Trump, Barr, and company covered the whole thing up.

Barr has a long history of cover ups for Republicans and it’s documented. Trump even admitted to Hannity that he should have had Barr from the beginning so the cover up could have happened then.

Donald Trump and those who support him are everything wrong with our country. He is a fraud and a criminal and his fans are committed to destroying this nation.

He wants us to pay billions for a needless wall that goes against our very values yet he is throwing millions off of healthcare and doesn’t care about the poor . He isn’t for all Americans , just rich white “Christians”. This is a mess yet Fox says it’s all wonderful.

Vote BLUE in 2020 if you love America and to truly Make America Great Again!

Biden 2020!!!! Joe is the one who will beat Trump … in a LANDSLIDE!



Rob Clewley

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