Real Leadership and Common Sense over Broken Promises and Division

Rob Clewley
6 min readJan 28, 2021

When Joe Biden took over as President of the United States on 1/20/21 and Donald Trump left that very office, a couple of truths became our reality here at home. One, we finally have a president who expresses himself in a clear and profound manner and in a professional way. Also, we finally had a president who leads and who takes responsibility instead of one who lacks leadership skills and never is to blame for anything, but most importantly, a president who gives us a common sense approach to the issues that we face.

These changes mean everything when we look at the big picture of the vast differences between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Our new president is a proven leader whereas the man who just left office has proven himself to be a divider and an insurrectionist who failed our nation during his limited time in office. Biden leads by example and in just a week as president he has brought dignity and common sense back to our nation once again.

Making America Isolated Again

Trump spent the last four years embarrassing our country on a global stage while isolating America from our longtime allies around the world. He had this ‘America First” motto, but in reality, it was America alone under his watch as president. He never put America first and for those years that he was the POTUS he put his family and friends first and had our country isolated from longtime allies around the globe. This is what life was like for our country for those years that Trump was in charge.

From removing us from the Paris Accord that tackled the global problem of climate change to stepping away from the World Health Organization and much more, he has made it an America alone agenda from day one. That and let us not forget the Iran nuclear deal, NAFTA, and many other partnerships that the 45th president broke, leaving the U.S. isolated and alone globally while he was president.

Joe Biden will right the ship — we see it already starting.

Joe has already done the work to re-engage America in the partnerships that Trump spent his presidency dismantling. Joe got us back into the Paris Accord and the World Health Organization right out of the gate and has started doing the hard work of un-isolating us and rejoining our allies in these organizations and agreements that Trump took us out of in an attempt to go it alone while pretending it was an America first agenda.

Facts Matter — The Truth or Fake News

Trump and his supporters love the term fake news and to attack the media to further their agenda, but let me be clear, the ones pushing fake news is the one who claims to be fighting it — Donald Trump. That is the difference we have with these two men, one speaks the truth and the other one pushes an agenda of lies and conspiracy theories.

I know that Trump is now the past, but we cannot forget these last four years of falsehoods and made up stories. To heal and become better than what we have been we first must confront the dark past of these last four years and part of that is to call out where we have been. Trump is that dark past, Joe Biden is the hope of the present and the future. Biden speaks the truth and the people in his administration give us facts, something that we have not experienced in some time.

The MAGA world loves to attack the media and call them fake, while they support a guy who lies to them on a daily basis. The truth matters more now than it has in some time, perhaps ever. We never have seen a president and that president’s supporters like we saw with Trump, a man who leads his cult-like following with false promises and lies, while a decent and good man like Biden gets attacked and made fun of.

We may have gotten rid of Trump (for now), but we likely will never be rid of the assault on the truth by the way of Trumpism. Trump created a toxic and hateful environment in our country and it will take some time for us to move on from it. The opposite of Trump is Joe Biden and the opposite of Trumpism is common sense and because of the big win in this last election, we have a hopeful future ahead of us.

The Tale of Two Americas

There are two countries that we live in here in the United States of America — Trump’s America and the regular America. These countries are the same in many aspects, but politically we are two very different nations with very different views. This has been seen more and more over the years as we have become more divided and less united than at any time in our nation’s long and cherished history.

Never have we been more divided than in the last four years with the divider in chief running the show.

Trump jumped on the division that already existed and instead of trying to bring us together in unity, he jumped on that division and encouraged the divisiveness to fester and grow even more within the walls of our great country. This is why I say that Trump did not create the hate and division, but he exposed it and then allowed it to flourish. Biden does not stoke the flames like his predecessor did and he would certainly not make divisive statements and incite violence.

Trump did all of that and even out of office, he still does both directly and indirectly.

Joe wants to unite America and bring us together, but that may be a daunting task given the current state of our country. Biden wants to be a president for all Americans, not just the president of his supporters, like Trump said he was during his term in office. That is not Joe Biden though, Joe wants to unite us as one nation and bring together all Americans.

The two Americas that exist today are Trump’s America vs our America and sadly that will be the way it is going forward.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Joe will always level with the American people and tell us the truth. He will tell us things that we do not want to hear, he will not lie to us to further a political and personal agenda. No, Joe is not Donald Trump and he is governing like a true leader should lead, not like someone who has no business doing the job, like his predecessor did. the 46th President of the United States shows true leadership and keeps his promises, or at least has up to this point.

The Trump presidency was full of broken promises and a lack of leadership to speak of. Things will be very different over the next four years than they have been over the last four years and in some ways boring, but to have boring is a welcome thing after what we just went through. Donald Trump promised to make Mexico pay for the wall, release his tax returns, destroy ISIS in 30 days, or eliminate Obamacare on day one. Those are just a small sample of the things he promised and failed to deliver on.

Joe Biden is very different — breath of fresh air type of different.

Joe and his administration have in their first week been honest with the people of America and if they do not know the answer to a question then they tell you that they do not know. That is very different from the previous guy and his administration who made up things as they went along while throwing lies and conspiracy theories.

The bottom line is that we have a very different leader these days, we have an actual leader and a good one at that.



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