Selfishness and Stupidity is a Virus

Rob Clewley
4 min readMay 6, 2020


As we search for the vaccine for the horrid virus known as COVID-19 and a cure to this terrible illness, one thing that we need a cure for is the stupid and reckless actions of many Americans who refuse to follow the rules that are put in place to keep the public safe.

There is no vaccine for stupidity.

Selfishness has no cure known to man.

These things we know. These are our truths.

As we struggle through this entire pandemic situation that we find ourselves in and fight to stay safe, there are those who do not do as they are told and who put our existence at risk and who endanger our country and every single one of us.

If they would follow the rules, things would be much easier.

As cities and states are looking for ways to lower infection rates and deaths from this Coronavirus, there are those who make it harder on them and who put each and every one of us in danger and this is something that must be called out.

Some cities and states that is. Many are reopening as we speak and that will encourage the citizens to behave in stupid and reckless ways when they are doing that anyway. It is truly hard to believe that our local, state, and federal officials who are charged with the task of protecting our safety, are lifting the orders that do that and not taking public health seriously.

Up to this point there are some governors who do take this seriously and are not being premature about the health orders that are keeping the infection rate as low as it has been, but at the same time, there are governors who act selfishly and foolishly and put public health at risk by lifting the orders too soon.

The combination of governments that do not take this seriously and think that it is over and the citizens who do not follow the rules and who endanger lives by coming near people, not wearing masks, and holding gatherings when the virus is still spreading are making us all less safe.

Stupidity and selfishness endanger lives and it starts at the top.

When you have a president who does not take the threat seriously, then of course it will trickle down to governors and mayors who take him at his word and who also do not take it seriously, and then that trickles down to the public who follow what their leaders tell them about the virus and that is how we get to where we are headed.

Cities and states are opening and the federal government is ending the Coronavirus task force that it set up to fight the virus and we are still having cases rise and people die and in some cases, by large margins and in some, very large margins.

If people would stop calling this a hoax and fake and quit coming up with these ridiculous conspiracy theories then we could get more to follow the rules and take this virus and public health crisis seriously, but they do not and that is why we likely will not come out of this anytime soon and why sadly, many more will die.

There is no cure for stupidity nor is there a vaccine for selfishness and vice versa.

The stupidity and selfishness is coming from the top and it is trickling down to the smaller governments and on to our people.

People thought that 30 days was enough for the virus to be contained, but that is not how the containment of outbreaks or epidemiology works, but sadly, people are not educated on these things and they just want to what they feel like doing, when they feel like doing it.

If I have learned anything from life, it is that you cannot always do what you feel like doing. You must think of how your actions will impact the lives of others when making decisions, and to go out without a mask, to not practice social distancing, and to reopen the country in the middle of an uncointained PANDEMIC is both stupid and selfish.

It is too soon to reopen. We must protect public health at all costs and the way to do that is to stay in lockdown and practice safe measures like wearing masks and social distancing when we must leave our homes and venture out into the world.

There is no cure, no treatments, no vaccine for this virus and until there are those things, we must work with what we have and what we have is social distancing and wearing masks. This is where we are at and the way we get through this is to think of others and not be selfish and stupid, and I am sorry but, having gatherings and opening non-essential businesses at this moment is both selfish and stupid.



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