The Absence of Morality in the Party of Trump

Mayor Pete said it best , “We are committed to the separation of church and state…but we should call out hypocrisy when we see it, and for a party that associates itself with Christianity to suggest that God would condone putting children in cages, has lost all claim to ever use religious language ever again.” when he spoke at one of the 2020 Democratic debates.

He was spot on with this. It should have been said long ago and even should have been said by Republicans because what we now know as the “MAGA” movement or the Party of Trump has shamed the old Republican Party by their loss of morals and treatment of the vulnerable.

These are people who claim to be Christians and to own the religion of Christianity, yet they act in ways that Jesus would never act and say things that Jesus would never say and should never, ever be associated with the most compassionate human to ever walk the earth again.

The Party of Trump has taken over the GOP (Republican Party) in so many ways over the last four years and if I were a Republican, I would be ashamed to be associated with Trump his supporters and for nothing else, their values and claim to Christianity that is not consistent with their words and actions and for sure does not align with the values of Christ.

They claim to be Christians but these are simply words they use to make themselves sound and look good when in reality, they do not act like the good Christians they pretend to be. They may go to church on Sundays, but their actions and support of a hateful man like Trump show just who they are and it is far from Christian.

In online debates, Trump supporters claim that we “spew hate” towards them and Trump but what they are doing is accusing us what they and their fearless leader do on a daily basis. If they listen to Trump speak then they will see that he has not made America great again, but he has made America hate again and they do it so well.

The hate is everywhere we look, and it all started with Trump who encourages hate and on a daily basis incites violence, either directly or indirectly. Whether it is his Muslim ban and the hateful rhetoric behind that or the nearly three yearlong campaign of hate and racism towards undocumented immigrants or any number of things he says and does, it gives those who support him permission to behave in such ways themselves.

Their logic is that if the president says these things then why can’t they and as much as I am against his supporters, it is a logic that is hard to argue. When the most powerful man in the world says you can do something then people listen, especially those who lack the intellect to know better or question it.

Let it be known that hate crimes are on the rise since he took office and not just by a little bit, they have gone up a LOT. Whether it is hate crimes against Muslims or against immigrants or against LGBTQ people or even against women at women’s rights marches, the hate is growing and it will continue to get worse as long as we allow it to continue, and that hopefully will come to a close soon.

When you have the leader of the country saying hateful things then you will have an increase in violence and hateful acts, it is just simple math. Under President Obama people were not given permission to behave like this and that is because Barack Obama did not treat people the way Trump does or say the things he says. I have witnessed the hate from those who support Trump personally.

In my online debates they have threatened me, called me names, and even gone after my family and this is who we are as America and who his supporters are.

The reason we have got to this point is that we have allowed ourselves to get to this point. In the 2016 election we let our divisions within our own party get in the way and many Dems stayed home and thus, Trump was elected and the hate that he preached and put out there during his campaign was allowed to become public policy and the voice of the office of the presidency.

Hate is not a Christian value and nothing that the “Christian Right” stands for in the age of Trump is what Jesus would stand for and support. Hate has no place in this world and it for sure has no place in the White House yet, here we are. It is amazing how we got here and how we have let our nation fall so far to the point where hate is a platform that the President of the United States not only ran on but continues to run the country on.

The Make America Great Again movement is really the Make America Hate Again movement and it has been a long time since we have seen this type of hate in public office and it is the first time in my lifetime we have seen an American president hate people and encourage others to do the exact same thing. I honestly never thought I would see the day where we had a sexist, racist, and overall hateful president and one that demonizes the many groups that are different than him.

I truly never imagined how far we would fall but I do know one thing and that is that this country is resilient and our people are a strong and determined people and as the nation who overcame the racist times of the 50s and 60s , who fought through the hate of the homophobic days of the 70s and 80s, and who never has quit when times get tough that this will not break our American spirit and we will vote this hate out come next year, I know this for a fact!

Donald Trump continues to prove he is not who America is. He and his defenders do not represent our values. The way immigrants are treated, and minorities are treated and so on do not represent who we are. The President of the United States told AMERICANS to leave AMERICA and did so in a very white nationalist way.

Let that sink in!

Vote BLUE to save our nation and restore decency and humanity to America!

That being said, what can we do some may ask as regular citizens to address the way the president behaves and how he acts towards others. It is a question that we all should ask ourselves heading into the 2020 election as if we do not make the right decision then this is who we get for another grueling four years and that is something that is not acceptable from where I sit, not sure about you.

This is a man who called white nationalists who attacked protesters in Charlottesville “Very fine people” , so it’s not a new thing that he is publicly racist and pushes those views to the rest of us, but the fact that he would tell people to leave who are Americans just floored me and it should concern every American that the sitting president talks this way about his fellow countrymen.

Of course, this is what his supporters constantly say to me. They say, “if you don’t like it then leave”, but I find it appalling that the supposed leader of the country would talk about people in such ways and tell them to “Go back” to where they came from.

This is not who this country is, and we cannot sit back and accept this as just the way things are in Trump’s America.

I know that I refuse to think this is who we are. To treat immigrants and Muslims and so many the way this xenophobic president does is disgusting and not part of our values as a nation that prides itself on diversity and inclusion. I will not sit back as our nation is literally destroyed by the hateful and racist views of Donald Trump and you should not either as we are to leave this country to our children and their children and this cannot be the message we send to our future, it just cannot be.

The values of this country are not values of hate but rather values of welcoming everyone and being inclusive of people from different places and people who do not always think like us but share that American spirit of compassion and helpfulness. This is who we are. A nation that welcomes immigrants. This is who we are. A nation that rejects hate and has a message of love and diversity.

These are the values we shall remain true to and the values that Make America Great and the country it has been.

Very different from our previous president, very different. In the book I wrote on the legacy of Barack Obama (Endless Hope : The Great Legacy of Barack Obama) I talked about how Obama gave us hope and inspired us to do better and be better and that is certainly something we are lacking in the United States today and that has been true since Trump took office.

The culture of hate that has become the new norm under the current president is concerning to say the least. The hateful things that come out of his mouth should enrage all of us, yet there are far too many Americans who turn a blind eye to the hateful remarks he makes and the deplorable actions he takes on a daily basis and that is almost as bad as what he himself does.

This culture of hate that our nation has embarked upon in the age of Trump is one that is something new in modern era America and after eight years of us having a president who encouraged people and lifted them up, it is certainly a time where our country has gone back in time, instead of moving forward like we should be doing.

These are certainly challenging times for our nation and times in which we should be having messages of encouragement and inspiration from the leader of the country but instead we have the president sending out messages of hate and divisive racism and that is not who we are or who we should be as a country, not now or not ever.

Speaking of our previous leader on any of these issues is like night and day when we talk about how things are now with Trump and the current direction of our once great country, but on the issue of hate, the changes and the vast differences between the two presidents can be especially seen.

Whether it is towards liberals, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ people, or any other group they want to blame for their problems, one thing is for sure, and that is that these people do not act like the Christians they claim to be, they do not share the values of Christ and the man that they worship for sure does not show his Christian values.

The gun owning, violent, racist, and hateful base that he has established are far from the religious perfectionists they claim to be. These are people who called Obama a Muslim and called for him to be hung from a tree, that want to jail gay people for marrying their spouses, who ignore the pain of the homeless and addicted, who show hate and racism towards immigrants seeking a better life, and who prove time and time again that they do not have the values of Christ.

They can call me a judgmental person all they like, but I speak the truth based on their very own actions and the actions of their president.

This crisis with the pandemic we currently find ourselves in prove this point even further.

They are happily willing to sacrifice American lives that are lost from this virus to save their precious economy and jobs. Jesus would not do that, not in a million years. These people claim they are “pro life” when it comes to taking a woman’s right to choose away, but are pro death penalty and in a blood-thirsty way, are pro war, are against giving healthcare, food, and housing to the needy and poor, and would never help an immigrant.

Their values and the values of their president who makes fun of the disabled and spews hate towards every minority group in America are not Christian values and I am not afraid to speak the truth on this matter. I say as a true Christian who believes in helping the needy and the broken, the poor and the immigrant and everyone in between that their values are not that of God and that is the truth!



Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!

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Rob Clewley

Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!