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The Insurrection that Revealed the Truth About Trump and MAGA Movement

The events at the Capitol on January 6th revealed what many of us have known for many years about Donald Trump and his base. The storming of the Capitol and the incitement by Trump that led to that attack shocked the nation, but it should not surprise any of us being what we have seen from these people over the last four years. The last four years have shown us who these people are, what kind of values they have, and what they are willing to do to accomplish their goals.

They do not value our constitution, our laws, or the principles that this country was founded on. We have seen this over the last several years with how they defend locking children in cages, the mistreatment of minorities, their president making fun of the disabled and going after Black Lives Matter and Barack Obama in a racist way, and everything else that they have supported and defended. This is nothing new for those of us who have been paying attention during his first and what will be only term in office, but the attack on the seat of our government revealed to the rest of the country and the world who they are and what they represent.

Trump and his supporters are a TERRORIST organization!

I know that such a statement may seem extreme, but trust me, it is far from that. These people showed who they are and we must never forget it. They claim to be “patriots”, but in reality they are seditious traitors and insurrectionists who do not value the Constitution of the United States of America. I know, people will ask me how I can call 74-million of my fellow citizens terrorists, but it is clear that is what they are and we can see this by looking at the big picture.

Since the coup attempt on the Capitol that was incited and likely directed by Trump and those around him a lot has happened. These Trump supporters have defended these events by blaming others, deflecting to what others have done, and flat out denying that what we saw with our very own eyes took place. These tactics are what I talk about in my book that was just released The Trump Playbook, tactics used to take the spotlight off of what they have done and blame others. These tactics have all been used to defend the terrorist attack that we all witnessed.

They falsely have said that groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter carried out these attacks claiming that they dressed as Trump supporters, when the evidence shows that these were MAGA people who committed this act of terrorism on our country. The investigation is ongoing, but all of the arrests to this point have been Trump supporters, not these other groups. So, we know that this conspiracy theory of blaming others for the attack is a lie, but they do not stop there. They also go on to say that Trump did not incite the violence when yet again, there is mounting evidence that he did do that at the “Save America” event prior to the attack, but in the days and weeks leading up to the January 6th event.

Then, they go on to compare the insurrection to the protests after unjust police killings of the summer and other counter protests by Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa at similar protests. These cannot be compared, yet they like to say “What about when Antifa and BLM burned down cities and looted?” Deflection can never be a defense, when you point out what others have done to defend what your side does then you lose the argument right there, and that is what they do. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard Trump supporters defend the attack on the Capitol over the last week by comparing it to what happened after the unjust killing of George Floyd and other racially motivated police killings.

The insurrection was not a response to racial injustice, nor was it random set of events by people outraged by unjust killings of minorities. The attack on the Capitol was planned, it was incited, and it was directed by the President of the United States in an attempt to commit a coup to stop the free and fair election that the president lost. Those are the facts, the riots in the summer were not planned, they were not directed by any political leader, and they were not politically motivated. They were a reaction that got out of hand to the continuous racial injustice that the system commits against black people in this country, the two are very different and cannot be compared.

January 6th showed us just who Trump and his supporters are, and we as a world will never forget that.

The MAGA movement will now be known for this attack on our country and for everything they have done to divide, hate, and destroy out nation for the last four years. They prove themselves to be people who do not represent the best of America and who do not want what is best for our country. Of course, we have always known this, but the insurrection was the last straw. This terrorist attack was a line that they crossed, and now there is never any going back to how things were before.

We must remember the coup attempt that they carried out at the incitement of their president and dear cult leader — this is proof of who they are and what they support.

These people are terrorists. They do not care about “law and order” and the so-called “law and order” president certainly does not care about law enforcement, his incitement of the insurrection proved that. Trump supporters don’t “back the blue” either, the way that they attacked and killed a cop showed us that. I will not apologize for calling this out and calling these people what they are. They are a terrorist organization, and we must always refer to MAGA as this.

Just do a simple search of one of the insurrectionists on social media and you will see them boasting about how they stormed the Capitol. What is worse is that there are countless fellow Trumpers who applaud them for their seditious actions. There are so many that defend these treasonous actions and this is why I call them terrorists. I call them that because even those who did not take part in the attack are complicit. They either defend the attack or they continue to defend and support Trump who incited the event, but also repeat the lies that the election was stolen — what caused all of this to manifest in the first place.

The “Stop the Steal” conspiracy theory that has gone on for the last couple of months has divided and damaged our country and put us into this position. Trump lied to the people of this country by falsely claiming that the election was stolen from him and that fraud took place, despite evidence saying the complete opposite. The courts have said over 64 times that there was no fraud, yet Trump held this rally on January 6th and encouraged his fans to storm the Capitol and “take back our country”. If that is not incitement then I do not know what is. Then, we have Rudy Giuliani who said at that same rally that they would have “trial by combat”, which was of course, clear directions to Trump supporters to take over the Capitol.

There were others who helped incite and direct the coup attempt ranging from Donald Trump Jr to Ted Cruz and others. This was no protest, it was a concentrated effort led by Trump and on down the line that had a lot of players who were involved in the insurrection, with the goal of stopping the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential victory. This insurrection was not even close to being the same as the protests after police killings of unarmed African Americans and it is a cop-out to compare the two. This was a coup attempt incited by a sitting President of the United States to change the results of an election that he lost, and it was carried out by his terrorist organization supporters.

Trump supporters are not “patriots”, they are terrorists. January 6th proved that.

That is what the flags, hats, and more are all about. They are promoting Trump instead of promoting America. The Trump products are proof of the division Trump has pushed and the slogans he uses are similar to the slogans other dictators or wannabe dictators have used in the past and those are not the only similarities Trump has to them.

Hitler used Make Germany Great Again and blamed Jews and others for the problems of Germany, similar to Trump’s slogan of Make America Great Again and how he blames immigrants and Democrats for the problems of America, problems that he and those in his party created. The similarities are endless between him and the German leader and that is what is scary.

Those who crave power the most are the ones who mimic the words and actions of previous power hungry dictators and Trump is no exception to this rule. Then there is the fact that he is not even original in his slogan that has brought him to power, other U.S. presidents have used that slogan, most notably being Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton.

Neither of them tried to profit off the slogan like Trump has though.

Today, instead of seeing American flags on cars we are seeing Trump flags on them and instead of people with USA pics on their Facebook and Twitter pages, they have Trump pictures. These people who support Trump like to call themselves “Patriots” yet they are not being patriotic for the United States but are being loyal to Trump and always will be.

These people are racist, anti-American terrorists. They should be shamed and forever go down as a dark stain on our nation.

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