The Maskless Have Lost their Minds

Rob Clewley
10 min readJul 21, 2020

One of the side shows of this health crisis that our nation finds itself in during the COVID-19 pandemic is the situation where people refuse to follow the rules put in place by cities and states to prevent the spread of the virus that has fundamentally changed our lives.

Just today, President Trump went on to say that wearing a mask was the “Most patriotic thing that you can do”, but that was not his tune for the first 5–6 months of this pandemic, not at all. Trump was adamantly against wearing a mask for himself and others and now suddenly, he is calling it “Patriotic” and only as we reach 141,000 deaths.

I really wish he had taken this simple rule of wearing a mask seriously back in March when states and cities were starting to realize that there are some basic things that we can do to slow and stop the spread and some rules that if we all we follow, would get us out of this crisis a lot sooner than has been the case to this point.

One of those rules is the requirement to wear a face covering when people are out in public.

This simple rule of wearing a mask when you are in a grocery store, mall, gas station, restaurant, or other location is one that people resist like a toddler being told to eat their fruits and veggies and certainly is one aspect of the last several months that baffles me the most.

Wearing a mask is such a simple task that can have a big impact on how we address this crisis , but there are so many who fight it like they have fought no other rule in their lifetimes and largely they fight against it for their very own political reasons and have used politics to resist this safety measure put in place by our leaders.

The “Patriots” of America have Shown that they are in Fact, not Patriotic after all.

The Trump supporters and other far right-wing “Patriots” always claim that they are willing to fight for their country and will do anything for the nation that they love. This has long been their excuse for carrying guns and for how they fight for ‘Gun rights” and so forth and they have even used this logic when we are talking about issues like war and immigration and “Islamic terrorism”.

These people claim that they always put America first and this of course has been one of the slogans used by Trump himself as he says often, “America First” when he is trying to find reasons to justify a wall or a Muslim ban or the many other xenophobic policies that have defined his presidency and for his agenda for America.

These “Patriots” are in fact not willing to do “anything’ for this country and they have proven it when it comes to this issue of wearing a mask that they in fact, are not willing to do anything for the country that they “love” and even a simple thing as wearing a mask.

The patriotic thing to do would be to wear a mask and protect others and think of your fellow American. However, they are not doing that and they do not see things that way, they see things the way of that they do what they want to do, even if it is part of the problem.

The so-called ‘Freedom fighters” who refuse to wear a mask and believe that they are ‘free” to do so are not helping the situation of containing this virus and helping keep everyone safe during this pandemic. These people are being part of the problem and not the solution of unity and doing what is best for all of us and are only thinking of themselves.

Patriotism is doing what is best for the country and at this time it is wearing a mask that is what is best for this country.

Asking them to Wear a Mask is like Pulling Teeth

Who would have thought that asking people to wear a mask during this pandemic would create such a response as it has.

I mean, let us get real. This mask requirement is not something that should be viewed in the way that it is being viewed and the reactions should not be what they have been.

I have seen people get very upset when they are in a situation where they are being asked to wear a mask and they tend to become really unhinged because of this request. These mask requirements are there to protect the people being asked to wear them from being infected with the virus while also protecting the rest of us from also becoming infected.

These rules if you will, are there to protect us all and when we resist these guidelines that protect public health, things get worse.

These folks just will not wear a mask. There are many who do wear them and who believe in these mask guidelines, but the unmaskers are the ones who are causing the cases of the virus to rise and our cities and states to go back on yet another lockdown.

They are the part of the problem and if they would only wear a mask, then we would be in much better shape.

Unmasked and Insane

The people who refuse to wear masks not only resist this requirement or suggestion of wearing a mask, but they go to extreme lengths to fight the folks asking them to mask up.

They are so resistant to wearing a mask that they go down swinging so to speak, and in some cases really do become violent.

I am sure that you have seen the YouTube videos of people screaming and throwing fits when they are told that they cannot be in a Trader Joes or Home Depot or wherever without a mask on and I am sure that you have seen events like the one in Boise, Idaho today where there was a mask burning ceremony by these so-called patriots.

These folks have lost their minds with all of this, they truly have.

They have turned a very simple public health measure into something completely else where they are turning themselves into victims or some type of martyrs, when in reality they are not, they simply are not the victims or some sort of martyr of their supposed cause.

They are acting out in grocery stores and other public spaces when store staff and others are telling them to wear masks and in some of these instances it is a very public display of defiance that these people act out in. They have some sort of higher than mighty attitude about it all and have even come up with some strange conspiracy theories about masks.

They like to claim that masks are unsafe to wear and that people cannot breathe in them. They claim that masks do not work and that it is some sort of violation of their civil rights to be “Forced” to wear a mask and none of this is true and never was.

The unmasked folks are not sane and their actions across the country have shown this throughout this entire country.

They are mostly Trump supporters who are against masks, but whether they are pro Trump, anti-Trump , or not political at all, there is one thing that we do know about those who refuse to wear masks and that is that they all truly believe that masks do not work and they refuse to wear them because they only care about what is good for them and their own convenience.

Examples of the Unhinged Anti-Maskers in Play

The most tragic examples of the resistance to masks are the ones where the fight against face coverings becomes deadly and violence erupts and as crazy as it sounds, this happens more often than one would think.

Recently there was a story of how a Family Dollar security guard in Flint, Michigan was shot and killed after he asked some customers to wear masks before entering the store. This incident sent shockwaves through the local community and the country just as the nation was trying to come to grips with our new reality of wearing masks in public spaces.

The security guard was simply trying to do his job by protecting the public and follow the local ordinance of people covering up their faces in stores and other public spaces and by doing so, he lost his life when he told a woman that her child had to wear a face mask and now his own children will have to grow up without a father.

Another incident took place in a local Costco in upstate New York when a woman became irate when she was asked to put on a mask and thus she refused to and was asked to leave, which then she refused again and went on to rage at the employees in a video that since has gone viral.

This customer has not been the only Costco employee to lose their mind by being asked to wear a mask, the list is rather long.

Of course, Costco became one of the very first large companies to require patrons to wear face coverings, even before cities and states began to make it a mandate.

Many of the customers of Costco have gone on similar rants and some of these have become violent. These instances of refusing to wear a mask have gone to the level of violence in other places too such as Walmart, Target, and others and have become so bad that Walmart employees fear telling people to put on a mask and many times opt not to do it or simply quit.

The anti-mask crowd is unhinged and we see examples of this across the nation and many of these folks have the political views of Donald Trump and others on the far-right and that should explain it all.

The examples of the unhinged and unmasked in America are endless and show a trend of how people are just against doing the right thing, even if it will save the lives of themselves and others and the mask debate is for sure one of those situations that we are seeing where people are selfish and for sure are not self-less.

Mask Up or We Pay the Price

This is a real question that we must ask ourselves, patriotic or not.

What are we willing to do for our country and for ourselves?

The answer should be a simple one. We weak a mask or we and our fellow citizens will pay a very steep price. The price that we are paying is one that we are already seeing and one that will be with us for some time if we do not do the right thing and wear a face covering.

You are seeing more cases and more deaths and it all could have been prevented if we had only worn a mask when we went out into the streets of our cities and towns.

I am glad to see that some do wear masks but if we all did then things would be very different than they are today. The CDC even said recently that if all of us wore masks then in 4–6 weeks, this thing would be contained and so many lives would be spared infection and thus so many of our fellow countrymen would be spared death.

The price that we will pay if we do not suck it up and wear a mask when we are out in public — it is that simple!

The Return to Sanity for Everyone

This should not be a hard concept for people to grasp. We all should do our part and mask up when we leave the house.

I mean, it does not have to be something that people refuse to do, let alone get all bent out of shape about. It is really something simple and something that is very effective and helpful to get us out of this pandemic that we have been in for months now.

Trump somewhat supports wearing a mask now (for whatever reason), but he fought and resisted it for a long time and that sent the message to his base that they did not have to wear one and that is how the conspiracy theories and lies about masks arose.

It is time that we end the grocery store fights and the political division over this issue and wear a mask.

Wear one for you, for your neighbor, for your family, but most of all wear one for your country that you claim to love so much. I mean, it should not be this hard at all, it really shouldn't be, yet it is and here we are as we try and get through this trying time.

The virus will begin to go away and people will begin to go back to their normal lives if we do some simple things and one of those things is to wear a mask and stop with the insanity.

Surrender to masks America and Make America Sane Again!



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