The Oppressed People of the Trump Era

We had hoped that we had moved on from the days of oppression and the loss of rights for the many marginalized communities in our country over the last several years with the gains that we have made for immigrant, LGBTQ, people of color, and many other’s rights, but the Trump era has set us back into the dark ages.

The oppression against the many vulnerable groups in this nation took a long time to overcome, but we did, and now we have returned to those days with the things that Trump has done against these minority groups over his four years in office.

Trump likes to claim that he is for all Americans and that he is not against anyone and even that he is not racist (that is a good one), but his actions prove that he is not for all of us and that he has an agenda for this nation that excludes many groups of people and even oppresses these folks and does so in a massive way.

We had hoped that the days of racism, oppression, hate, and division were long behind us — we were wrong!

Donald Trump brought us back to those dark days and seeks to create a nation that does not value these oppressed groups. Trump seeks to have a country in which only the rights of cis gender, straight, white Christian people and to ignore the plight of so many others.

There are several groups that Trump and his administration oppress or at least seek to oppress and in this article I will highlight some of them, listing them all would take forever and we could go on and on describing these groups, but to focus on the main ones will give you an idea of how Trump has brought the dark days of racism, homophobia, and hate back to the American experience and will not stop there.

The last four years have been a scary time for the people I am about to talk about. The next election is vital in the sense that we must fight for the people who cannot fight for themselves and who have been oppressed by the Trump administration the most. I feel that if we give Donald Trump four more years, the oppression may become unfixable.

Undocumented Immigrants

The mistreatment of immigrants by this president has been nothing short of inhumane.

Trump has pushed the anti-immigrant rhetoric since day one and continues to this day with his insistence on building his border wall with Mexico and his hateful and racist language towards the good people of Mexico and other countries that has become a staple of his presidency.

These people have become oppressed by this president.

Trump ran on the promise that he would build a wall and deport the 11-million undocumented immigrants in this country and he has for sure tried to do both of those things during his time in office, while attacking them and making life hard for them as they reside within our nation.

He has oppressed them by labeling them rapists, thieves, and murderers and by doing things like changing the rules that enabled immigrants and refugees to apply for citizenship and asylum. This president is the most anti-immigrant in our history and has been leading a hateful and oppressive agenda against these people since he took office.

Even his campaign that attacks Dreamers who were born in this country or came here very young has shown that he does not care about people who are not in his preferred groups of privilege and never will. He tried to get rid of DACA on a few different occasions and was stopped by the courts, but will try again and again.

The way that Trump has oppressed undocumented immigrants and refugees is beyond disgusting.

Trump supporters love the way that he oppresses these people and are always screaming, “Go back to your country” at them and that is exactly what Trump has been trying to do as part of this oppression he has against them, send them out of the country and back to the horrible and dangerous conditions that they escaped from.

Even in detaining them when they cross the border, he is oppressing them and treating them less than human. The way that this administration treats these immigrants and especially child immigrants is nothing short of criminal and negligent.

Putting these children in locked cages without adequate food, medical care, and other necessities is oppression. Denying immigrants their rights and their humanity is oppression and this president has oppressed these immigrants and refugees more than anyone in history in this country and it must be called out and stopped as it is not who we are, not at all.

LGBTQ Community

Trump has been more silent in his oppression of this community over his time in office, but has still hurt them in so many ways.

The policies of this president in relation to LGBTQ Americans are oppressive and harmful but at the same time, quiet and hush hush. He quietly has gone after LGBTQ rights throughout his first term in office and that is why there are some who claim he is ‘Pro gay rights”, he is for sure not for equality and his VP alone has shown that.

Vice President Pence is perhaps, the most anti-LGBTQ politician to ever hold public office.

It was Pence who put into place one of the most anti-gay religious freedom laws in the history of this country when he was governor of Indiana and he defended that law on TV on a daily basis as he tried to make excuses for the measure that made discrimination legal.

Pence was brought into this administration for these reasons and Pence continues this agenda as vice president. Trump and Pence both quietly attack the rights of this community and oppress LGBTQ Americans and this has gone much unnoticed by the media and the majority of the country with all the openly hating and oppression of other groups like immigrants and Muslims and so on that they have done.

Let us look at just what they have done against this community.

These are just some of the ways that this president and administration has quietly has oppressed LGBTQ Americans over the last four years while people were focused on other things.

This president has been very anti-LGBTQ and has fought to hurt and oppress them in so many ways. There is no question that he is against equality and his actions have proven that over this first term in office. He may have done this in a quiet way so that people would think he was for the community but in some ways, that is worse.

Black Lives

As many know, the racial injustice towards black people in this country is a major problem.

Black people are still being oppressed some six decades after fighting that fight in Selma for their civil liberties and we have seen that being very evident of late with the murder of black people by the police and the oppressive type of statements by Trump.

This president has a very racist past and his policies and words have followed his racist past.

Black Lives Matter but to Donald Trump he doesn’t think that and he for sure never will say that. He says “All lives matter” but that statement is part of the problem right there and he knows it.

This administration adds to the oppression of black people across this country by their policies that are racist and part of the problem and not the solution and the worst part is their denial of being part of systemic racism that exists perhaps more than ever in this country in policing, education, healthcare, and so much more.

Trump is the president. He should say loud and clear that BLACK LIVES MATTER, yet he never will.


Trump loves to oppress women. He has done it in his personal life for a long time and now he is doing it as president.

Trump seeks to take away women’s rights when it comes to abortion and has said that he wants to overturn Roe V Wade and a woman’s right to choose and he will not stop there with the ways that he seeks to oppress women and keep them down.

He has talked down to women for years and when he became president that just gave him the power to do that even more.

He has attacked female reporters since his first day in office and has adopted policy after policy aimed at oppressing the females in this country throughout his first term. The policies he has that oppress women go from fighting against equal pay laws for women and paid family leave and abortion rights and so many other things.

Trump is not pro-women, he views them as less than men and that should be something that is said loud and clear and especially said to the women who vote for him — he does not support you ladies, he never has and he never will as long as he is alive.


The man literally had a Muslim ban to keep them out of the country.

If that is not oppression then I do not know what is. He had this ban to keep all Muslims out of America and has oppressed them in other policies over his time in office. He even went as far as to deny refugees of Muslim countries entry into our nation, that is pure evil.

His Muslim ban was inhumane and showed just how he feels about peaceful Muslims.

He even talked about carpet bombing the families of terrorists. He labeled all Muslims terrorists and in the campaign in 2016 even attacked a Gold Star Family of a Muslim-American service member.

This is who he is. He has no humanity and will use anything to oppress groups of people that he does not approve of and Muslims are high on his list of people that he does not want in this country and he does whatever he can to oppress them.

The oppression must stop

As you can see, Trump is an oppressive president. A wannabe dictator. A tyrant.

The groups mentioned above are just a small sample of the type of people who seeks to oppress and the lengths he is willing to go to for his goal of oppression and hate.

We have come a long way in civil rights over the years.

Same-sex marriage is legal

An African-American president for two terms

Some wins with racial justice

Acceptance of immigrants and refugees to an extent

Interracial marriages

Muslims in our military with their traditional clothing

Women can vote

We have grown as a nation over the decades and civil rights have been won for all these groups and more. This cannot be denied, we have won a lot and our nation is diverse and accepting and has grown so much since even when I was a child.

However, Trump is seeking to bring us back to the dark ages and in many ways, he has already done that.

Make America Oppressive Again.

That should be his new slogan as we have fallen far in the area of racial justice, civil rights, and acceptance of all over his time in office and this is what he wants.

We can do better. We must do better. We must make the oppression of any of us wrong again and we must fight against the many injustices of this president and those who support him and those who defend him and his draconian style policies — if we do not, our nation is in trouble and our future and the future of our children is doomed!

Do better America. Fight this oppressive administration and stand up for what is right!



Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!

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Rob Clewley

Author, activist, American. Love to write everything from politics to recovery and much more. Find me on Twitter under my name for much more!