The “Pro Life” Hypocrisy of the Far Right

Rob Clewley
10 min readJun 17, 2020

Even before Donald Trump came along we all heard the narrative of the far right on the issue of abortion and how they show their hypocrisy when it comes to life as a whole and on the broad spectrum of issues related to life and death.

They always call liberals “Baby killers” and call abortion “Murder” but once the woman gives birth then you do not hear a word from them when the child suffers from the many struggles that children experience as they grow up in our country.

This is why I always say that Republicans are pro BIRTH and not pro LIFE.

Trump has been the worst of all presidents on the issue of women’s rights and especially a woman’s right to choose. The last four years have been a constant barrage of attacks by this president on Roe v Wade and abortion rights in this country and the narrative that goes with it from his supporters and far right pundits has advanced that narrative.

Abortion seems to be the only issue where they are “pro life”, when it comes to other issues, these people are silent and could care less about protecting life and doing what is right. They play the pro life card when it comes to abortion for one simple reason and that is to restrict women’s rights and have control over women.

For people who say that they are all about “Freedom”, they sure do not seem to be when it comes to a woman’s right to choose. When it comes to abortion the talking point they use of “The Land of the Free” doesn’t apply and they shift the narrative to “Abortion is murder” and “Democrats are baby killers” and so on.

The list of anti-abortion legislation that Trump has put forth in his first term in office is endless.

Trump has shown that this is not the party of freedom and that a woman's right to choose is not part of their “Freedom” agenda and never has been either with Trump or before he came along. It also is the only part of the pro-life movement, the pro-life movement is not about anything other than being against abortion and now we will look at the ways that they are NOT pro-life and never have been.

Gun Violence

If they were truly pro-life then they would not be in support of guns or would at least support common sense gun safety laws that have been proven to save lives and reduce gun violence.

Just look at the numbers when it comes to the issue of gun violence and then look at the right-wing agenda when it comes to gun ownership and their strong opposition to gun control and you will see just how they are not pro-life when it comes to this issue.

They are in fact, pro-death when it comes to guns.

Nearly 40,000 Americans lose their lives to guns and thousands more become injured from firearms a year. Gun violence cost the United States billions a year in medical treatments and lost wages and so many Americans have lost their lives to guns, including children.

The far right seems to care so much about children (fetuses) yet they do not bat an eye at the 1,550 children killed by gun fire every single year and the more than 11,000 firearm related injuries that young people suffer each and every year.

If they were so pro-life then they would support common sense gun reform that would save lives and want to enact safe storage laws to keep kids from getting their hands on a gun and make it harder for people to have guns near these children. If they truly were pro-life then they would not have called the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 that took the lives of 20 precious kids “a hoax” and would have pushed for laws to prevent that school shooting and the many more.

This is one of the main ways that the far right shows that they are not pro-life and do not care about children dying.

Immigrants and Refugees

If you are not phased by immigrant children being locked in cages then you just might be a Trump supporter.

The mistreatment of immigrant kids being locked in a cage and being taken away from their parents and the denial of refugee children being helped and accepted into the country is for sure not being pro-life. The way that Trump has treated these children has been nothing nothing short of hateful and inhumane.

You have seen the pictures and videos of children locked away in cages and I am sure you have heard the false talking point by the supporters of Trump saying that those pics and videos are from the Obama years when in fact they happened during this administration and everyone knows it. These images cannot be forgotten and they are inhumane to say the least and should make us all cringe.

This is not pro-life.

Denying immigrants help is not being a fighter for life. These people need help and are human beings. You cannot claim to be pro-life while smiling at border agents taking kids away from their parents and mistreating them in ICE custody and then claim that you are a Christian and are pro-life. These are not the actions of someone who values life.

Death Penalty

Another big cause of conservatives other than abortion and another way to show how very hypocritical they are.

They say they are pro-life with abortion while claiming at the same time that the death penalty is perfectly fine. This line of thinking is the very definition of hypocrisy but of course they justify it by claiming that all life is valuable and then in the next sentence saying that criminals lives are the exception to that very concept.

If you are pro-life then you have to pro all lives and not just the ones that you personally value.

They are pro-death penalty and then at the same time are “pro-life”, this is yet another instance where we can say without a doubt that they are pro-birth and not pro-life as if they were pro-life then they would be against the death penalty and they are not.

If all lives matter then all lives must matter and sadly for these people, fetuses matter but those who commit crimes should die and they are just fine with claiming that they are Christians while being for the death penalty. This is the thing I would say is the most ironic about the pro-life stance of these people and the one that debunks their “Pro-life” argument and shows their clear hypocrisy.


Another one where they justify their blood thirsty vengeance while claiming that they are pro-life.

They are okay with Muslim children being carpet bombed and murdered by the invasions by the United States military and allied forces yet if you try and have an abortion and the fetus dies then they want you to go to prison and worse.

Now, do not get me wrong. I support the military but these invasions are wrong and take many innocent lives.

I guess, these Trump supporters and others on the extreme right find a way to justify Muslim children dying in unjust wars that we start over oil and profit but if you try and be pro-choice with abortion rights then they want to chew you out as a “baby killer”. The irony of that statement is lost on them I suppose, but there it is.

It is almost as if these Muslim kids lives do not matter because they always find a way to justify these wars and the many innocent children that die during them. The far right in this country do not seem to care about the children who die here and once again show their pro-life hypocrisy on this issue.

Homelessness, Healthcare, and Poverty

Are far right conservatives pro-life when it comes to homeless people dying in our streets or the tens of millions who die waiting for a procedure because they have no health coverage, or the starving kids who do not have a meal because their parents must choose between rent and food?

These issues and how conservatives ignore them when it comes to showing they care and have compassion show who they are.

550,000 Americans sleep on our streets every night and many of them are children and some, very young children and this does not seem to phase the anti-abortion movement. They do not seem to care about these kids who die from malnourishment or their parents who die because they cannot find food to eat.

So many children go to bed every night hungry and do not have a place to sleep at night — where is the “pro-life” movement?

They do not care. They never have.

They do not care about families who cannot afford rent and food. They do not cate about these children who do not get enough food at school or at home and suffer. Those in these conservative circles make fun of the poor instead of helping them. They rather judge than show compassion and they rather call them names instead of praying for them.

Then we have the many who do not have healthcare. The current presidential administration in D.C. has cut people off of Obamacare and will not come up with a healthcare for all plan yet want to attack women’s abortion rights, if you are against an abortion but will not help these women to raise their kids then please do not pull out the pro-life card.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to so many people across the globe and especially in the United States and once again, the Pro-lifers have been missing in action and completely silent. They are nowhere to be found and do not seem to care about the 100,000+ Americans who have died from this virus, including many children.

They for sure do not show their passion for these lives that have been lost and demand justice.

The virus has taken so many lives and a lot of it is from the negligence from the favorite president of these far right pro-lifers, Donald Trump. Yet, no outrage from these people and then even are cool with his actions when it comes to the virus, I have written several articles about his lack of action with this pandemic and their reaction.

I really do wish that these people who claim to be so pro-life cared about the victims of the pandemic like they care about the fetuses that they fight for and the women’s rights that they fight so hard against. I mean, I wish that these folks had that same passion for the victims of the pandemic that they have for their lone “Pro-life” cause.

Police Brutality

We have seen it start happening a lot recently, but it has gone on for some time now.

Police officers racially profiling black people and killing them in cold blood and we have seen the response by our country and the extreme right-wing of America. It happens like this, there is a police officer who kills an innocent black person and no justice (in most cases) is served.

The racism and brutality by our justice system is everywhere and has been in play for many years now yet those who claim to be pro-life never seen to be outraged by these events. The same outrage that they have for an abortion (A legal medical procedure) they do not have for black men (and women) being killed in cold blood by police officers.

The racism, the violence, the injustice.

The pro-life movement do not care when this happens. They show no sadness and have no empathy for the families of the victims and never demand that justice is served. Again, I wish that they would show some of this passion and anger that they have when a woman exercises her legal right to have a legal abortion for these events of injustice and hate.

Pro-Life or Pro-Birth?

As you can see, the conservative movements and especially the far right Trump movement in this country are not pro-life and do not value all lives like they claim to.

They are anti-abortion extremists and do not value the sanctity of life as a whole and their actions prove this.

They are pro-birth, not pro-life.

I have outlined just who they are and what they support and it most certainly is not pro-life. The hypocrisy that they have around this issue and the issues related to it show exactly what they support and who they are. It is clear by their actions and their views on the issues related to abortion and protecting human life.

So, the next time you hear an anti-abortion argument where these people call liberals “Murderers of babies” and all the other things that they say, just show them this article right here and tell them the truth about who they are and what they support.

Abortion is a woman’s right. Those who believe abortion should be legal are not “Pro-abortion” , they are pro woman’s RIGHT to CHOOSE. It is as simple as that, it really is.

Being against abortion at the same time does not make someone “Pro-Life”, their support of the issues relating to life in this article show that. You for sure cannot claim to be someone who values life if you do not help the poor, welcome immigrants and refugees, support the death penalty, are against gun control, and want to help the sick.

Being pro-life means to be pro-humanity, not just taking away a legal right and changing the same of it.



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