Trump or Biden? The Choice is Obvious

Rob Clewley
9 min readJun 5, 2020


As the election inches closer and closer and we see just how much is at stake for our country, one thing is clear as day and that is that Joe Biden is the obvious choice to be our next President of the United States in the election this November.

Even before the current situation and crisis of the pandemic and the race riots that have followed, it was obvious that the man was unfit for office and that his incompetency was dangerous for our nation and now with all that is going on, that is more obvious than it has ever been.

If Trump is re-elected then our country is in for a lot more pain and much more division and everything in between. It is beyond clear to everyone who is paying attention that Trump is unfit for office and does not have the best interest of the American people at heart and quite honestly, he never has put America first.

The past 3.5 years have shown us who Trump is and who he is not and most of all, who he will never be. Trump will not change who he is because narcissists never do and that is what Trump is, he a narcissist and a man who always puts his own needs above the needs of others and this is something he has proven as president.

Whether you like Joe Biden or not, one thing you must admit and that is that Biden is not Trump. I personally think Joe is a great choice to lead us forward as we attempt to move on from Trump, but even if I did not like Joe Biden, I would still vote for him because he is not Donald Trump, a man who has in so many ways fundamentally changed the United States of America and to a level where it will be difficult for us to recover from.

Joe is not the ideal candidate for many, especially those who are supporters of Bernie Sanders, but Joe is much better than Trump, the comparison is not even in the same league. Trump has no morals and no vision for this nation that would move us forward and into a place where we could once again hold our heads high.

I think for those who still cannot see the many differences between the two men, we should review.

Donald Trump

Who know who Donald Trump is. We also know Donald Trump is.

The truth is that he has shown who he is throughout his time in office and especially now, he has revealed who he is during a time of crisis such as the one we are in now.

The ways that Trump has been bad for this country are endless and it is clear who he is and what he is about. During his presidency he has been consistent at one thing and that is negativity and pessimism that rises to the level never before seen in our history. Trump has not been a leader who gives the people hope and brings us together, quite the opposite actually.

The previous administration gave us hope and positivity about the direction our country was headed. It was during the Obama years that we were united and that we had a hopeful view of our future and the direction that we were heading in and that is not the case now. Today, we are at a place where we are unsure of what is next and the chaos that is going to follow and that was not the case when Obama was president.

Trump has caused such chaos in just 3.5 years and is sure to cause much more the longer he remains in office. He offers no hope and no leadership at a time when we certainly need both. It is because of his lack of leadership that we are in this place and it is because of his deplorable words and actions that I say we have a clear choice to make in the 2020 election and that choice is certainly not Trump.

Who is Trump?

He is a narcissist and a tyrant. This has been well known about him for many years, even before he took office as president. The ways he has tweeted and the ways he has talked to people and disrespected them has shown the way that he is a narcissist throughout his life and the ways that he has governed as president has shown is tyranny for all to see.

Tear gassing peaceful protesters

Locking children in cages

Threatening to shoot unarmed Americans

Making fun of a disabled reporter

Suggesting that people inject disinfectants to cure a deadly virus

Lying about where a sitting president was born

Telling lie after lie from the Oval Office

Calling the press “nasty” and “fake” and attacking them

Breaking every single campaign promise that he made

Stealing from charities that he set up to help veterans and children

Siding with some of the most dangerous dictators of the world

Calling science a “hoax”

Bashing our global friends and allies

This is just a small sample of who Donald Trump is and what he has done as President of the United States of America. The list is much longer but in the interest of time, I will keep it short. This is who he is, he has not been a good or even mediocre leader for our country and history will remember the many ways that he has violated his oath of office and has set race relations, global relations, and so much back decades.

Trump has proven himself to be a racist, a xenophobe, and simply a bad president who cannot lead a nation in crisis or even stop making the situation worse and that is a fact.

This is who he is. He needs praise. He needs to be the center of attention and needs to have it be all about him and that is not the type of person that we need in office leading us at any time, let alone during a public health crisis and a time where the nation is the most divided that it has ever been and appears to be getting even more so.

Joe Biden

Joe is a humanitarian. Joe is a fighter for the people. Joe is a fearless leader.

There are a lot of things we can say about Joe and how he has been a fighter for the people for over 40 years. The man just gets the job done and works for the people and nobody can deny that no matter how they feel about the man or what he stands for.

Joe Biden has fought the good fight for the American people throughout his career both as a United States Senator and as Obama’s Vice President and Joe would bring that same Whether you like Joe or not, you should focus on the facts and know one thing and that is that Joe puts people first and Joe will put America first.

I know that Trump has ads out that are attacking Joe and that there is this false narrative that Joe Biden has “dementia” and would not be fit to lead this country, but that is not true. I know that the Trump supporters repeat this type of propaganda and attack Joe but Biden does not have dementia and is perfectly fit to lead this country and his past show just show he is and how he has led before.

This is just a sample of who Joe Biden is.

Biden is a law school graduate and public defender

Biden has morals and has compassion for others

He is a good husband and has been loyal to his wife Jill

He has had success in politics and has led the way on many issues

In fact, he wrote the 1994 Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act

He has been a strong defender of LGBTQ, women’s, and other civil rights

He is a devoted father and grandfather

He is a good man who does the right thing when nobody is looking

Joe Biden is a patriot

Joe is a smart man, he is a loyal man, and he is a compassionate man and all of these are things that we are lacking today in the White House and things that we need to move us forward. That is exactly true, Joe is for sure who we need at a time like this and without a doubt the right one to get us moving in the right direction again.

Joe Biden has a proven track record as the type of leader that we need and Joe is the one for the job. He is a compassionate, intelligent, and loving man who believes in science, who knows that climate change is real and not a hoax, and most of all, he is not a racist and a bully like the current occupant of the White House and that would be a breath of fresh air.

What Choice Will You Make?

Now that you see the two choices, which one will you make?

I know that the Bernie Bros and others do not like Biden but the choice should be clear when you put Biden up against Trump, there really should not be any debating when it comes down to it. There is no comparing the two of these men when it comes down to it and there should be no debate as to who is the right one to vote for in November.

Right now there are some major crossroads that we are at as a nation and Joe Biden is the one to lead us in the right direction while Trump would be the one who would send us into a depression and further race riots and worsen the current public health crisis of the pandemic and set us on a path of much worse destruction and division than where we are now.

There are some choices that we must make if we are to right the wrongs of the last nearly four years and get America back to where it should be once again and become the nation we know that we can be. These choices will not be easy ones and these decisions that we make may not be the ones that we want to make but these choices are what we must do to get back to where we know we should be.

Joe held the VP position gracefully when he served under President Barack Obama and showed what kind of leader he can be and how he would be the best choice for our country. Barack said that Joe was the first choice that he made and that it was the best and he was right.

Joe treats people with respect and Joe is a regular guy or shall we say, he is a “Regular Joe”. He truly is. He is not some privileged billionaire who got a loan from his daddy and who uses money to get what he wants or buy himself out of trouble. No, we have seen what that looks like and it has not been a good look or a good outcome for our country.

That is not Joe. Joe is a good man with a good heart and would make a great leader for our nation!

The Choice is Joe

I will say it once again.

Donald Trump is the most dangerous president in the history of the United States of America.

There is no other way to put it. Trump is dangerous in so many ways for the people and the future of this country and the last four months have shown us that more than ever. The last 4+ months have been the most trying in decades for our country and for our people and for us to have to go through a public health crisis, massive levels of unemployment, and a racially divided crisis like we are seeing today and not have real leadership and competence in D.C. makes it even worse.

This is a trying time for us all and if we had someone like Joe Biden, we would be in much better shape and would have a chance to come out of this situation better off, yet we have Trump and we have an uncertain future as a result of having weak leadership and really, dangerous leadership as that is what he brings to the table.

We know what we must do. The choice is CLEAR.

Joe BIDEN is the direction we must go in as Donald Trump is dangerous, unhinged, and incompetent and this country would not survive four more years of his “leadership” and our country would not even be a country if he is re-elected and that is the truth folks.



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