Voting Blue is Now More Important than EVER

Rob Clewley
10 min readMay 18, 2020

Voting is always important. It is an essential duty for your voice to be heard and for you to be part of the solution, instead of part of the problem, but now in the midst of a global pandemic and a nation in distress with thousands of our citizens dying, it is more important than ever.

Especially since we have an incompetent president and enabling and just as incompetent Republicans in other areas of our government, who do not by any stretch of the imagination care about what is best for the American people and their families and who do not want to do what is best for them.

Trump for sure doesn't.

His response to this crisis has been horrible and has cost many lives and this is a fact that has been proven by several sources.

He failed us. His response to this crisis has been horrible and has cost so many lives. He dismantled the Pandemic Response Team that Obama set up and basically ignored the pandemic playbook left behind by his predecessor and then went on to ignore the suggestions of doctors and other health experts and then for weeks call it “harmless”.

He failed us , his lies and inaction cost more than 90,000 American lives and for that alone, he cannot be trusted with another term.

However, even before this crisis, Trump showed zero leadership and has had policies and actions that have never been consistent with a president who does what is best for the nation. His actions even before this crisis happened were always horrible for our country and people should realize that he and his party do not care about us.

This is why I say to VOTE BLUE.

Democrats believe in doing what is best for America. Democrats want PUBLIC HEALTH and SCIENCE to be considered when making decisions like to open the country during a pandemic, Democrats believe in civil rights (all of them, not just some), Democrats believe in humane policies that honor humans, no matter where they are from, and Democrats believe in the rule of law and the value of being honest and transparent.

None of this has been a priority of the Trump administration and in fact, none of those things have been something that this president has done or has even respected and that is a sad truth of the last four years and a reason why we must vote for the Democrat in this upcoming election, the man who will restore the soul to this nation again.

Now, I know that for many, Joe Biden was not their first, second, or even tenth choice in this process, but we all must agree that he is the better choice than the one being offered by the Republicans. This is where we are at my friends, it is either Joe or Trump.

I repeat — Joe or Trump?

To me, the choice seems obvious. Joe Biden, a man who has been all about service to others for more than forty years, a man who has devoted life to public service, a man who has dignity and humanity. Then, we have the other side, the side of Donald Trump.

Trump has devoted his time in office and his life to being of service to one person and one person only and that person is Trump. It is and always has been about serving Trump. He cares about what will benefit himself and what will help him and his family and this is who he is, who he has always been, and who he will always be.

I think you can see why we must vote blue. I think that you can see why we must choose Joe over Trump and if you can’t, then I think that you either have been asleep or are one of Trump’s minions who think that he is doing “great” and that he is the savior for us all.

I have some news for you. Trump has not done anything good and that is why we must vote blue in this upcoming election. Before, voting blue was different than it is now. Before, it was largely about public policy and a difference of what people want for America, but now, it is a matter of life and death and the reason I say that is this.

The last two plus months have been chaotic in terms of public health and loss of life. Trump has had such a weak, negligent, and inadequate response to the entire COVID-19 crisis, he has acted unpresidential as Americans have been dying one by one, he has taken actions that have cost American lives, and he has made it all into one big joke.

This is life or death.

We cannot afford to allow this to continue.

Trump has proven that he does not value our lives and that he is willing to trade American lives for his precious economy or his own personal image and votes. Life is not important to him and neither is what hurts the American people, both before this crisis and now in the middle of the worst public health crisis in our history.

Trump cares about Trump, plain and simple.

This and so much more are why we must vote blue. It does not matter if you like Joe Biden or not. What matters is our future and our future and the future of our country is uncertain with Trump in charge and the last four years and especially the last two months have shown that to us all.

I will give you the top three reasons why we must vote for Joe Biden in November.


The morals of Donald Trump are well known by now. We know who he is and what he is about and the same is true by the movement that he has created in the “MAGA” base that follows him. We know what he and those who support him are all about and the morals that they hold and it is nothing that we want any part of.

Now, the morals of Joe Biden are well documented. Joe is a man of integrity and honesty. A man who has never called the press nasty names, a man who has never made fun of the disabled, a man who has never treated others in an unfair or disrespectful way, a man who up until the strange timing of the current election had never in 40+ years been accused of sexual misconduct, and a man who has never been racist, homophobic, and in general against any group of people.

Joe treats others with respect and dignity.

This is who Joe Biden is. He is a man of integrity and decency.

Donald Trump is completely the opposite. He is a man who has questionable morals at best and at worst has shown that he does not respect women, has shown that he has zero respect for people with disabilities, has shown that children being separated from their parents and thrown in cages does not mean anything to him, has shown that American lives lost from a deadly virus or gun violence do not matter, and has shown who he is.

If we are using a moral compass to choose our next president, the the choice is beyond clear and that choice is Joe Biden, a man who believes in doing what is right and who holds the values of this country close to his heart, values of humanity, compassion, and doing what is best for our neighbors and for our future.


Donald Trump has told more than 18,000 lies since taking office as of April 14th, 2020. These are documented lies that the president has told to the American people. These are things he has said that have been dishonest or misleading or both and these lies cannot be denied as they have been found to be proven that he said them and they were not true.

How can we have a president who does not tell the truth?

Presidents have to be held to a higher standard than others in our society, they must be trusted or else it just does not work, they must be able to be honest and transparent with the people that they govern, if they are not then that is when people lose faith in the government and that is exactly the situation that we find ourselves in now.

People have lost trust and faith in our government. They simply do not have any faith that what they are being told is true.

People lie. It is sadly a part of human nature, but this guy that is now in the Oval Office takes it to an entirely different level. Trump has turned lying into an olympic sport. He has turned the Republican Party who is known for having someone in it named Honest Abe into the party of liars and the one leading that party as the Liar in Chief.

Now, Joe Biden. He is a truthful man. Joe is known for his transparency and no, I am not saying that simply because Joe is my candidate and I am not saying it because I am a Democrat. I am saying it because the evidence has shown this over the course of Joe’s 48 years as a public servant and by who Joe is and what Joe is all about.

Joe tells the truth. The difference between the two in this area is once again, like night and day. Joe does not have 18,000+ documented lies attached to his name, he does not have a legacy of lying to the American people, and he does not lie to cover up a previous lie. This is what we know. We know that the one who does have lies attached to his legacy and a LOT of them is Donald Trump.


Joe Biden is all about decency. Donald Trump is not.

These are the facts as we know them. Joe Biden has decency and he has humanity.

Joe cares about others. Joe would not reopen a country when it was unsafe during a deadly pandemic. Joe would show empathy for the victims of a deadly virus and for gun violence. Joe would not lock children in cages nor would he demonize immigrants for a political agenda.

Joe would not use disabilities to make fun of those who suffer from them. Joe would always show compassion towards others and help the poor and everyone, not just those that support him.

These things are the differences between Joe and Trump.

Joe is a man of integrity and decency. Joe cares about others and Joe Biden does what is right, not just what feels good and we know this by his years as Vice President and his decades of public service, by his actions during his life, and from those who rode the train with him back in Delaware and so many who know who he is and what he is about.

Joe is decent, Trump has proven that he is not.

Voting blue is more important than ever, it is what will set this nation on the right path once again and what will get us going again. The last nearly four years have been horrible for our country and for our image in the world and anyone who tells you differently has obviously not been paying attention to what has been happening since Donald Trump took office in January of 2017 and what has happened since.

America was once respected. We were once viewed as a leader on the global stage and as a nation that was a welcoming place for all who sought a place to start over and achieve their dreams and we no longer are that place of hope and prosperity.

Instead, we are now known as a place of division, racism, and hate and that is because of what the current president has made us into and what he preaches from the podium at his hate rallies. Donald Trump said he wanted to “Make America Great Again”, but instead he has made us less great than ever and has made us hate again.

The hope and change that Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave us for eight years is gone. It was replaced by hopelessness and regression and by a spirit of negativity like none we have ever seen. When Obama spoke, he gave us hope and told us what we could do and what we could achieve, but when Trump speaks he tells us how everything is bad and talks negative about the very people who make America great.

The immigrants.

The workers.

The refugees.

The youth.

The activists.

These are the people who make us great and these are the very people who Trump attacks.

Voting blue is about making America smart again and making America kind again and that my friends is what will truly make America great again and this is a truth that Trump and his supporters want to deny but it is one that none of us can deny.

If you like social security, a living wage, a 40-hour work week, overtime pay, civil rights, and so much more then you are a Democrat as that is what we are all about and that is what voting blue will give you. We are the party of the freedom that conservatives like to claim fame to and we are the ones with the morals and the honesty and the decency and we are the ones who will take back our country from an out of control madman.

If you care about your future and the future of your children then I ask you to VOTE BLUE in November.

Voting blue is what must happen for this country to get going on the right track again and be returned to us from four years of attacks on a free press, attacks on the vulnerable, attacks on the American way of life by this man and those who support him and to return this nation to what it was meant to be and has always been.

As Joe Biden says, “If Donald Trump is re-elected, he will indeed forever and fundamentally alter the course of our nation”. He went on to say that we are fighting for the soul of America and he is without a doubt correct, we cannot afford four more years of Trump and that is why we MUST …




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